Chapter 382: Jia Nan Academy, the Xiao clan has a Female Maturing Early (Teaser)

Chapter 382: Jia Nan Academy, the Xiao clan has a Female Maturing Early

The Jia Nan Academy was an ancient academy that was seated in the middle of the continent. In the past thousands of years, the strongest people who walked out of here were all people who were extremely well known on the continent, and just their names could shake an entire region.

The most terrifying thing of an academy was not how great the strength of its teachers were, but the tens of thousands of strong people that had walked out of this academy. If the Jia Nan Academy was in danger of being destroyed one day, all the academy had to do was gather all those strong people who had graduated from the academy. It would be difficult to imagine just how terrifying this strength would be.

Although the number of different academies on the continent was difficult to count, the reputation of Jia Nan Academy was something that had never been surpassed even now. From this, one could see just how solid the heritage of this academy, which was shrouded by an age-tested aura, was.

On the continent, countless numbers of people, regardless of race, would be proud of being able to enter this ancient academy. Unfortunately, the extremely harsh requirements the academy had when recruiting new students caused many to bemoan their inadequacy.

On the peak of the mountain behind the academy, where the trees were lush, a young lady wearing a pale-green dress was standing prettily. There was a purple belt tied around her small, pretty waist, outlining the waist until it was extremely alluring.

She was facing the vast, white fog at the back of the peak of the mountain. Her long, soft, black hair moved along her shoulders as it fell to her narrow waist. Only then did it cease to extend further.

The young lady stood with her hands together. Her tall figure was like a green lotus blooming in the mortal world against a background of faint...

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