Chapter 381: Mysterious Faction, Hall of Souls?

Chapter 381: Mysterious Faction, Hall of Souls?

A grey-robed young man slowly walked out from the western city gate of the ‘Zhen Gui Pass’. He stood outside the moat and lifted his eyes to gaze at the mountain ranges in the distance. After which, he turned his head and took a final look at this border city of the Jia Ma Empire. Once he walked away from here, he would truly be able to roam freely throughout the high skies and vast seas. The world outside would definitely be even more interesting than this empire.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. Finally, he ceased feeling nostalgic and strode into the distance. His skinny back slowly faded away at the edge of the main road.

Around half an hour after the grey-robed young man disappeared, some black air strangely and suddenly appeared in the sky above the ‘Zhen Gui Pass’. The black air lingered in the sky as if it was possessed by a spirit, much like a ghost.

For some time, the black air moved back and forth in the sky above the ‘Zhen Gui Pass’ where Xiao Yan had fought earlier. Suddenly, it was swept up by the wind as it headed in the same direction that Xiao Yan had walked. Along the way, it left a black trace that was partially...

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