Chapter 380: Leaving The Jia Ma Empire! (Teaser)

Chapter 380: Leaving The Jia Ma Empire!

A dense group of people were gathered at the city’s gate. Numerous gazes that contained some expectation or curiosity were locked on the two people who stood in an empty area. During this period of time, Xiao Yan’s name was nearly known by everyone within the Jia Ma Empire. Many people had merely heard of this legendary person who had dared to contend with the entire Misty Cloud Sect with his own strength. All of the faces of those present were now filled with anticipation. Now that they were lucky enough to witness him fighting with their own eyes, they wanted to know if the rumors that were running rampant were true or not. Did this young man, who was not even twenty years old, actually possess the strength to kill a Dou Wang?

Mu Tie’s hands were crossed in front of his chest, much like a black-colored iron pagoda. He stood quietly, but emitted a powerful and stern Qi despite not being angry, pressuring people to the point where the skin on their heads became numb. From the Qi which he inevitably emitted, his strength clearly far exceeded Meng Li’s. According to Xiao Yan’s guess, this middle-aged, large man might have already reached the peak of the Dou Ling class. With his age, even with quite good training talent, this was something that would cause one to suckle their tongue. Of course, the reason for this was partly because of him being in bloody battles all year round. The life and death battles on the battlefield...

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