Chapter 379: Exposed

Chapter 379: Exposed

A large group of humans and horses whizzed past on the the road, kicking up the yellow dust covering the road. Laughter and curses repeatedly resounded along the way.

At the back of the group of humans and horses, there were some people pushing the horse carts and carrying robes. They did not wear the same clothing as those mercenaries in front of them. This was because they were merely some servants responsible for washing clothes, preparing food, and building tents within the Mercenary Company. Among this group of servants, whose faces were covered with dust, a person pushing a cart while wearing a broken hat on his head suddenly looked up. Other than a pair of black colored eyes being clearly visible, the remainder of his dust covered face was nearly completely hidden under some yellow soil. At a glance, he did not appear any different from the servants with wooden expressions beside him.

“It is indeed worthy of being called the fortress which guards the borders. This size really causes one to suckle his tongue. It is far from what the cities within the Jia Ma Empire can compare with.” As he eyed the city wall, which appeared even larger and more imposing as he moved closer, the man suddenly sighed softly. Hearing this voice, this person was actually Xiao Yan. Looking at the situation, it appeared that he planned to rely on this mercenary company and sneak into the final fortress of the empire.

The group grew increasingly nearer to the city wall within the yellow dust. When they were a few hundred meters from the enormous city gate, Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and watched the sky above the city wall. There appeared to be a faint, shapeless, energy fluctuation there.

“There are indeed energy sensors. It is fortunate that I did not try to forcefully fly over. Otherwise, those invisible energy sensors might have immediately exposed me. With the special crossbow equipment that these...

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