Chapter 378: Black-Corner Region

Chapter 378: Black-Corner Region

Three days later, in a certain hidden forested area outside of Da Ling City, a person dressed in a black robe slowly walked out. He lifted his head to eye the occasional passerby on the main road that hurried past him. After determining the direction of the road, he lifted his head and walked toward the main road that headed south.

The pace at which the black-robed person was not that quick. However, if an attentive person were to observe him, they would be able to discover that each time the footsteps of the black-robed person fell, his body would strangely advance by over one meter. The scene was similar to a small scale teleportation was occurring, appearing extremely strange.

The black-robed person who had come out from the forest was naturally and undoubtedly Xiao Yan who had been hiding within it to refine the medicinal pills which he needed. With the help of Yao Lao during these past three days, the various recovery and healing medicinal pills, which he had exhausted, had once again populated his storage ring. With a sufficient amount of medicinal pills in reserve, Xiao Yan also felt a lot more relieved. On this Dou Qi continent, what kind of person would leave their home to go on an adventure without preparing these restorative...

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