Chapter 377: The Preparation Before Leaving

Chapter 377: The Preparation Before Leaving

Xiao Yan slowly walked into the city. He passed through the street which had a turbulent human flow. He swept his gaze, and his brows slightly knit together. This was because he realized that on some of the pillars on the street, there were actually wanted posters issued by the Misty Cloud Sect pasted onto them. On those white papers, his appearance was drawn with great clarity. Moreover, the Xuan Class Qi Method that was listed as a reward had also caused quite a number of people to stop under it with their eyes revealing some greediness. For many people, a Xuan Class Qi Method was something that one may meet, but cannot hope for.

TL: may meet, but cannot hope for - one may be lucky to find something, but one cannot expect to obtain it otherwise

“Looks like there really is some trouble.” Xiao Yan carefully hid his face under the shadows of the Doupeng as he softly muttered in his heart.

“Let’s leave the Jia Ma Empire as soon as possible. The influence of the Misty Cloud Sect here is indeed too great. With your current strength, it is insufficient to contend with them.” Yao Lao’s voice suddenly sounded.

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and nodded. He suddenly sighed gently. The feeling...

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