Chapter 376: Da Ling City (Teaser)

Chapter 376: Da Ling City

Da Ling City was located in the north-western region of the Jia Ma Empire. Its size may not be comparable large cities like the capital, but when compared to Wu Tan City, it was still quite a lot larger. Moreover, it neighbored the Magical Beast Mountain Range which covered nearly half of the empire. Therefore, countless risk takers and business groups came and went, giving the city a never ending flow of human traffic.

At the northern city gate of Da Ling City, the human flow moving to and from the city nearly clogged the city gate. Not far away from the northern gate was the seemingly endless Magical Beast Mountain Range. Small groups of mercenary troops with differing line-ups were repeatedly entering and exiting from this point, much like ants moving their home. Occasionally, there would be troops which used a horse cart to carry the corpse of a Magical Beast running out of the forest and a wisp of dust behind. This would attract numerous envious gazes from those around. It was not an easy matter to kill satisfactory prey within the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

“Bah, we were really unlucky, losing two brothers in order to kill a tier two Magical Beast. In the end, it is a rock egg without treasures.” Seven large men covered in blood cursed as they walked out of the forest entrance. On the horse cart frame behind them, there lay the large corpse of a Magical Beast. The head of the corpse had been cut open and there was only the brain,...

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