Chapter 374: Sudden Arrival of Reinforcements

Chapter 374: Sudden Arrival of Reinforcements

Within the dense forest, Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and stared intently at Yun Yun in the sky. He knew that the moment the latter appeared, he was likely to have his position completely revealed. It was just that he did not know if this woman who once had some entanglement with him would…

In the sky, Yun Yun, who had her eyes closed, gradually opened them. She slowly lifted her delicate finger which was struggling and trembling a little, and pointed toward the direction Xiao Yan was in. As her finger pointed at that spot, a faint white glow suddenly surged out from within the darkness. Although the white light was not too intense, it was undoubtedly a bright lamp leading the way in this complete darkness.

As he lowered his head to watch the faint white glow that was being emitted from within his body, Xiao Yan’s heart was like an icehouse. He laughed softly and lifted his head. His cold gaze watched the person with peerless elegance in the sky before turning his body and running.

In the sky, Yun Yun had also borrowed the weak, white light to clearly see the glance which was so cold that it was void of emotion. She felt a pain that clamped at her heart as her pretty face grew even paler.


Seeing the faint white light which had risen from the darkness, joy surfaced on the faces of the three elders. They let out a fierce cry and wild winds surged in the sky. Tens of huge...

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