Chapter 372: Bloody Revenge!

Chapter 372: Bloody Revenge!

Following the flow of time, night slowly faded away. When the first morning sunlight from the distant sky poured over the land, signs of life once again burst forth in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, which had been quiet for the entire night. A countless number of huge birds were singing in unison, their song remained in the forest and did not fade away for a long time.

A huge rock suddenly rolled aside and fell by the precipitous ravine. The loud sound that it emitted as it fell frightened the bird beasts lingering nearby until they hurriedly spread their wings and fled.

After the mountain rock fell, a dark, black cave entrance was revealed. A black-robed figure immediately walked out. He narrowed his slanted eyes as he swept them across the partially concealed blue sky, hidden behind the thick mist. He gently exhaled and said softly, “Teacher, are there any traces of the Misty Cloud Sect disciples nearby?”


A voice was swiftly emitted from within Xiao Yan’s heart, “A few hundred meters on the other side of this ravine, there are quite a number of Qis of varying strength. There are also some scattered ones in other directions. Yun Shan has left an energy trace within your body. Although this trace is being suppressed by me, they are still able to vaguely sense a little of it. Therefore, they can use this to vaguely guess your position. However, it is quite fortunate that the region they can narrow their search to is still very large. They need to search cautiously in order to be certain. Otherwise, they would have found this location last night.”

“Hei, they really are persistent. Looks like the Misty Cloud Sect is really keen on killing me.” Xiao Yan coldly laughed.

“Now, you cannot be held back by them. Otherwise, if the Elders of the Misty Cloud Sect were to hurry over, you would be in trouble. Moreover, I need at least half a month before my Spiritual Strength is fully recovered. Therefore, you have to rely on yourself if you want to escape from the Misty Cloud Sect’s blockade that surrounds this area during this half a month period of time.” Yao Lao reminded seri...

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