Chapter 371: The Ingenuity of the Secret Technique

Chapter 371: The Ingenuity of the Secret Technique

The large, light screen was suspended in midair within the cave. Countless words were layered on it in an orderly manner. Beside the words, there was an extremely complicated diagram of the human figure made of light. Within the diagram of light, numerous complicated lines formed by light intertwined with one another, forming a mysterious and strange route.

Xiao Yan’s eyes carried some curiosity as they carefully inspected the screen of light. He immediately turned his head and saw Yao Lao’s eyes, which shone brightly. He heart involuntarily leaped as he softly asked, “Teacher, do you know what this is?”

“Yes.” The glow in Yao Lao’s eyes slowly withdrew as he smiled and nodded. He smacked his lips and smiled as he said with a surprised sigh, “This time around, you have indeed picked up a treasure. This ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ is a very mysterious, high-class Secret Technique.”

“Secret Technique?” Xiao Yan’s eyebrows immediately rose upon hearing these words.

“Ke ke, other than Qi Methods and Dou Techniques there are still some special Secret Techniques which exist on the Dou Qi continent. Their effects are usually something that will cause others to be envious. Some of them can even greatly raise one’s strength. That night back at Wu Tan City, your little female friend used an advanced Secret Technique to enable herself to raise her strength...

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