Chapter 370: Skyfire Three Mysterious Change!

Chapter 370: Skyfire Three Mysterious Change!

After the two soft groans were consecutively released within the mountain cave, Xiao Yan, who could have continued to raise his strength by an additional star did not use this force to continue charging upward. Instead, Xiao Yan slowly stabilized his Qi and began to completely digest the energy that had suddenly and abruptly soared. This was something that Yao Lao did not expect.

Yao Lao’s hand stroked his beard and observed the closed-eyed young man, whose face was like warm jade. He mused for a moment and immediately came to a sudden realization before nodding in a gratified manner. He smiled again and said, “Being able to maintain his original state of mind in the face of strength and knowing when to withdraw in contentment without being greedy or arrogant is not easy. Not bad. Not bad.”

The two repeated ‘not bad’ were sufficient to see Yao Lao’s admiration in regards to Xiao Yan’s current performance. Although Xiao Yan could actually borrow the medicinal strength and directly become a four star Da Dou Shi, training was, after all, not something that could be accomplished overnight. After repeatedly raising his strength by two stars today, Xiao Yan would already have some difficulty stabilizing his body’s condition. If he were to raise his strength once again, it was...

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