Chapter 368: Recuperation

Chapter 368: Recuperation

In the dense forest where tall trees stood, there would occasionally be spots of light that trickled through the gaps of the lush canopy of branches and leaves that shielded the earth from the hot sunlight. The light shone in bits and pieces onto the ground, forming a totally natural picture made of specks of light, appearing beautiful.

It was completely quiet within the forest. Occasionally, there would be a low roar emitted by an unknown Magical Beast in the distance. It would pass through the hindrances of the dense forest, and would reverberate unceasingly throughout the forest.


The undergrowth of the quiet forest suddenly moved. Immediately, a black figure shot out. His feet gently pressed against a tree branch which horizontally extended from the trunk. After which, he pushed his body off the branch and landed on another tree branch a few meters above the ground. His sharp, eagle-like eyes scanned everything below him in detail before he sighed in relief. He was also a little doubtful as he muttered softly, “The mountain range behind the Misty Cloud Mountain is connected directly to the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Logically speaking, the current me should have charged into the Magical Beast Mountain Range, right? But, why is it that until now, I have yet to meet any Magical Beasts trying to stop me?’

“That is due to the ‘Heaven Swallowing...

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