Chapter 367: The Start of the Great Escape

Chapter 367: The Start of the Great Escape

Looking within the vast, dense jungle, one could only see a never ending verdant-green color. A gentle breeze would occasionally blow over. Immediately afterwards, numerous huge green ripples would begin spreading through the verdant sea of trees from near and far, finally disappearing at the edge of one’s sight. It gave a very spectacular appearance.

Above the sea of trees was the blue sky. A few human figures occasionally flew by in the sky above. Their sharp eagle-like gazes would scan the forest below in detail. However, the size of this forest was far too large and the green waves which rolled one after another also covered most of the things under the dense forest. Therefore, no matter how they searched inch by inch, they still could not find their target.

A few human figures swept past this dense stretch of forest. After realizing it was futile, their helpless gazes interacted with one another in mid air before they shook their heads. They then displayed a hand signal to one another and separated, heading in different directions.

Under the dense and lush woodlands, a towering tree pierced the sky. Around it, however, there were an unknown number of trees which were even...

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