Chapter 365: Gate of Life and Death

Chapter 365: Gate of Life and Death

In the distant sky, Yun Shan’s two afterimages waved their fists which contained a terrifying force that caused people to feel horrified, and smashed violently toward Xiao Yan’s head in front of a countless number of gazes.

Just as everyone thought that it would be difficult for Xiao Yan to escape this calamity, a ripple containing a majestic underlying force surged explosively outward in the sky with Xiao Yan as the epicenter. Wherever the force passed, one could see that the two clone afterimages, which even Hai Bodong had difficulty withstanding had, abruptly froze. Immediately, a muffled sound was emitted and they burst apart with a ‘bang’ in front of the many dull gazes below.

Everyone’s faces were completely dull as they watched the two afterimages which were blasted into nothingness in the sky. Even Jia Xing Tian and the others, who were not far away, also felt like they could not recover their focus. As people of the Dou Huang level, they were able to clearly sense the strength of the two afterimages. They were not a kind of illusionary shadows. Instead, they were real energy bodies that Yun Shan had used some Secret Technique to summon forth. Putting it bluntly, just these two afterimages might be on par with two strong Dou Huangs.

Of course, this was only speaking...

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