Chapter 359: He Must Die!

Chapter 359: He Must Die!

The atmosphere was so quiet in the spacious hall that not even the parrots or sparrows made a noise. All the members of the Xiao clan clenched their fists tightly as they heard the numerous blood-curdling screams coming from outside the door. There was great satisfaction on their faces. The recent turn of events of the Xiao clan had caused their hearts to be filled with grievances. Now that Xiao Yan had returned, he had finally pulled the entire clan, which was about to reach its end, up. The grievances which they had experienced during the last few days were currently disappearing with each horrible scream from beyond the door.

The horrible screams outside continued for less than a minute before they gradually fell silent. As the blood-curdling screams came to an end, the gazes within the large hall began to once again gather on the back of Xiao Yan, who was quietly seated on a chair with his back facing them. At this moment, there was some additional fanaticism and respect within those gazes.

“Junior Clan Leader.” The first elder took one excited step forward and broke the silence of the large hall.

“First elder, just call me Xiao Yan. I really don’t have the right to be called the ‘Junior Clan Leader’.” Xiao Yan slowly stood up from his seat, turned around, smiled and replied in a...

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