Chapter 358: Leave No One

Chapter 358: Leave No One

Following the sunlit path that was extended from the gap of the door, the skinny figure of a young man slowly walked in. He passed by those large men whose hands were carrying weapons as though they weren’t present. Finally, he slowly passed by the side of Jia Bi Lie and Aoba Padun whose faces were filled with dullness.

The atmosphere was so quiet, that even the crows and sparrows dared not to create noise. Only the sound of slightly hurried breathing could be heard.

Under everyone’s gaze, the young man slowly came to the front of everyone of the Xiao clan. He lowered his head, eyed the old man, who was so excited that he was in tears, and bowed slightly.

“Xiao… Xiao Yan.” Under the support from the clan members behind him, the first elder excitedly looked at the young and handsome face in front of him, which had a little less immaturity and more rigid lines compared to two years ago. His voice trembled involuntarily as he said, “Is it really you?”

Xiao Yan lifted his head, and eyed the old face which he had always wanted to stomp violently on in the past. He smiled and nodded, feeling a lament within his heart. After two years of training, he had indeed become much more mature. The grudges that he had held back then had also paled with the flow of time. No matter how one wanted to put it, this clan of his had a blood relationship that was difficult to erase.

“First elder, it really is young master Xiao Yan!”

“Young master Xiao Yan is back! Our Xiao clan is saved!” The faces of the members of the Xiao clan who were supporting the first elder revealed a wild joy. They were so excited that their...

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