Chapter 357: The Turn of Events in the Xiao Clan

Chapter 357: The Turn of Events in the Xiao Clan

The two of them landed at a spot not far from Wu Tan City. Xiao Yan ignored Queen Medusa by his side after landing. His expression was somewhat dark as he swiftly walked toward the city’s gate which was wide open.

Once he walked closer to the city’s gate, Xiao Yan lifted his head to glance at the enormous three words ‘Wu Tan City’ above the city’s gate. His footsteps halted involuntarily. As he eyed the crowded and noisy human voices which were transmitted faintly through the tunnel of the city gate, he sighed gently and muttered to himself, “Wu Tan City. I, Xiao Yan, have finally returned home.”

Xiao Yan lifted his feet and walked to the city’s gate and passed through the somewhat dark tunnel into the city. After which, the space in front of his eyes suddenly brightened under the sunlight. He lifted his head slightly and a dear and familiar intersection on the street appeared in his sight.

“It has been two years, but almost nothing has changed.” Xiao Yan laughed softly. The faint warm feeling of returning home caused the dark and solemn look on his face to weaken a little. He turned his head and glanced at Queen Medusa who was walking at a steady pace that was neither fast nor slow behind him. After which, he turned his head back, lifted his leg, and swiftly walked down the street which he had walked for over a decade.

As Xiao Yan was worried about the event that had happened to the clan in his heart, Xiao Yan did not stop along the way. He hurriedly and swiftly walked on the street from his memory. Along the way, when he passed by a few markets which had belonged to the Xiao clan, he halted his footsteps slightly. He frowned as he saw that the markets had few people. After which, his footsteps gradually became quicker.

Over ten minutes later, Xiao Yan who had passed through a few streets with great familiarity...

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