Chapter 355: Separation and Transaction (Teaser)

Chapter 355: Separation and Transaction

On a small path which was lush with greenery, two human figures, a man and a woman, with one in front of the other, slowly walked. The quiet atmosphere shrouded the both of them.

In the sky above the two people’s heads, two figures were also following far behind.

At a certain moment, the woman, who was ahead of the others, stopped walking. Her delicate hand gently twirled the black hair in front of her forehead. With a cool voice, she spat some words from her alluring red lips, “The two of you above. Aren’t you tired of flying?”

Although her voice was not very loud, the two human figures in the sky stopped simultaneously a moment later. They exchanged glances and could only slowly land in a huge tree behind Xiao Yan.

“Old Hai, what is your intention now? Until now, I have yet to gather all of the medicinal ingredients needed for the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ of yours.” Xiao Yan carefully took a step back. His head turned toward Hai Bodong as he spoke.

Hai Bodong was startled upon hearing this. He frowned slightly as his gaze, which contained some fear, swept over Queen Medusa who was leaning on a tree trunk, casually playing with a fallen leaf. He mused for a while and smiled bitterly, “Little fellow, since you have successfully left the Misty Cloud Sect, it is likely that you don’t need me to continue protecting you...

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