Chapter 354: Descending the Mountain

Chapter 354: Descending the Mountain

Following the appearance of the bewitching person, the square descended into a temporary silence.

The silence persisted for a long while before it was finally broken by a terrified involuntary cry, “Queen Medusa?”

Only two words had been said, but it suddenly caused everyone in the square to give a cold shiver. This name was something that almost all the citizens of the Jia Ma Empire had heard of. That icily alluring, beautiful yet vicious woman had personally killed an unknown number of renowned strong people during the war with the Jia Ma Empire. In this empire, there were very few people who had the ability to contend with this bewitching woman.

This woman used her vicious means, that did not lose to those iron blooded emperors, to frighten the few empires around the Tager Desert, causing them to be afraid of rashly starting a war.

Many people used the word ‘frightening’ to describe her.

In the sky, the expression of Hai Bodong, which was originally grave, had completely turned to one of fear at this moment. He might be able to remain calm in front of Yun Shan, but in front of Queen Medusa, he was ultimately unable to hide the terror he felt for her within his heart. The fight in the Tager Desert back then had left a lingering fear in his heart that was still currently present.

Additionally, that seal which had caused him to suffer the fate of living in isolation for decades further resulted in Hai Bodong fearing Queen Medusa like he feared vipers and scorpions.

Besides feeling frightened, he suddenly shivered again. Seeing that intense blow earlier, it was clear that...

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