Chapter 352: The Misty Cloud Sect’s Trump Card (Teaser)

Chapter 352: The Misty Cloud Sect’s Trump Card

The black shadows covered the sun in the vast and mighty sky. Even the sunlight which was pouring down actually had difficulty penetrating through it. Currently, the open ground had already descended into complete darkness. Everyone could only use their Dou Qi to cover their bodies in order to use the weak glow to observe the fight in the air.

The moment the darkness covered the sky, the huge cloud arrow which was shooting through the air also came to a sudden stop. The terrifying force contained within the tip of the arrow also caused circular wave-like ripples to appear in the surrounding air. The sharp sound of explosions could be heard repeatedly.

“Ten Thousand Binding Shadows!”

Ling Ying’s body appeared to have completely merged with the black-colored darkness that had permeated the entire sky. The seal formed by his hands was abruptly formed and the black curtain that permeated the sky suddenly moved. Black-colored darkness spat out from it in all directions. They intertwined with one another and pounced on the cloud arrow which had been shot explosively over.

With one white and one black, the two completely different colored lights, carrying similarly terrifying energies cut through the vast sky. Under the watch of a countless number of gazes below, they collided. All of a sudden, a furious blast, like that of thunder, appeared...

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