Chapter 351: Dou Huang, Ling Ying

Chapter 351: Dou Huang, Ling Ying

With the appearance of the black-robed person, the entire square descended into a complete silence. Although some of the ordinary Misty Cloud Sect disciples were unclear of the strength of this mysterious black-robed person, they could tell from those elders whose faces had suddenly turned extremely grave that this mysterious black-robed person should be strong to the point of being a little terrifying. Otherwise, he would not cause them to be so shocked.

“Who are you?”

Yun Leng’s eyes stared intently at the black-robed person in the sky. The other party’s body, which was overflowing with threads of strong Qi, caused the tip of Yun Leng’s finger to involuntarily tremble a little as he demanded with a brave front.

“You may call me Ling Ying.” The black-robed person slowly lowered his head and revealed a dark old face while he smiled and replied.

“You are not a citizen of the Jia Ma Empire!” Yun Leng’s gaze carefully inspected the body of the black-robed person who called himself Ling Ying. Immediately, he appeared to have discovered something and let out a cry in surprise.

“I am naturally not someone from the Jia Ma Empire. However, who set the rule that no one other than a citizen of the Jia Ma Empire can enter this country?” The black-robed person who called himself...

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