Chapter 349: Covering Sun Cloud Formation

Chapter 349: Covering Sun Cloud Formation

A fiery red light that was like the setting sun suddenly appeared in the sky. In an instant, the fiery red glow had banished the sunlight from the square. The hot wave of fire caused everyone to feel like they were in a furnace.

Under the countless number of gazes, the fiery red light smashed into Yun Leng’s head with a bang, when he was unable to react in time. A muffled thunder-like noise sounded throughout the sky.


The fiery red light ferociously smashed into Yun Leng’s head and an incomparably ferocious force instantly exploded. An intense pain began to spread out from Yun Leng’s head at this moment, as though his head was about to be ripped apart.


High in the sky, Yun Leng’s hands grasped his head, where blood was flowing unceasingly. His mouth emitted a mournful wail. His body had also become like a bird which had lost its wings as he directly fell toward the ground.

His body fell swiftly. Just as he was around ten plus meters from the ground, Yun Leng flapped his wings and forcefully steadied his body. A gray white-colored powerful glow surged out of his body. In an instant, the strong glow carried a furious emotion and instantly suppressed that fiery red line by using a force that possessed pressure...

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