Chapter 346: Big Battle

Chapter 346: Big Battle

The sudden change that appeared in the sky caused everyone in the open ground to be startled. Their gazes watched that old human figure which had slowly appeared. The expressions of some of the people who knew him immediately changed.

“Old Hai? He... why did he take action?” Jia Xing Tian’s face was completely dumbfounded as he spoke.

Fa Ma’s expression was similarly a little stunned. He did not expect that Hai Bodong would actually take the risk of causing conflict with the Misty Cloud Sect, and step forward to help.

The two people faced each other, both of them sensing something strange. Given Hai Bodong’s character, he did not appear to be someone who would help another in doing something so reckless.

“Looks like Xiao Yan has a great allure toward Old Hai. It even reached the point where Old Hai is willing to take action to stop the Misty Cloud Sect. This fellow is really making me increasingly curious as to what type of person he may be.” Jia Xing Tian shook his head. His voice contained some shock that was difficult to hide. He was extremely familiar with Hai Bodong’s character. If there was no reward that could move him, then this ice-like fellow would definitely not do something as brash as this. Just what magic did that little fellow who was not even twenty years old rely on in order to move a Dou Huang?

Fa Ma nodded slightly. His gaze swept to the sky as he softly...

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