Chapter 343: A Trouble Which One Cannot Escape From

Chapter 343: A Trouble Which One Cannot Escape From

Hearing the voice which slowly rang out over the open ground, Xiao Yan’s footstep which were about to descend the stairs paused abruptly. With his back facing the square, he lifted his head and inhaled a long breath. The fist within his sleeve was tightly clenched.

On the huge tree, Hai Bodong eyebrows shifted as he frowned intently. His gaze swept toward the middle of the square. At that moment, the expression of Yun Leng and the others appeared a little strange.

“Dammit, has he been recognized by someone?” Hai Bodong softly muttered. The powerful Dou Qi within his body quietly began to circulate.

As Yun Leng’s voice fell, numerous gazes in the open ground were once again thrown toward the skinny back of the person who was about to descend the stairs. Nalan Yanran wiped the traces of blood off the corner of her mouth. She lifted her head and watched Xiao Yan’s back with a pair of complicated eyes. Immediately, she turned around and spoke to Yun Leng and the others, “First Elder, in today’s fight, Yanran was indeed weaker than him.”

“Yanran, this has nothing to do with your fight. You should stand aside for now.” Yun Leng waved his hand, his expression appeared unexpectedly solemn.

Seeing Yun Leng’s expression, Nalan Yanran was momentarily shocked. She hesitated for a moment but in the end could only nod her head, drag her injured body and slowly withdraw to the side. The Misty Cloud Sect disciples that had been in that spot hurriedly stood up and gave their seats to her.

“What is it?” Fa Ma and the others on the large trees were somewhat at a loss when faced with this sudden change in the situation. They exchanged glances and their faces were all filled with doubt.

“Don’t tell me that the Misty Cloud Sect is intent on forcing him to stay behind after losing the fight?” Jia Xing Tian said.

“They should not dare to do such a stupid thing since it would only cause the Misty Cloud Sect to lower its reputation.” Fa Ma shook his head. He suddenly turned his head toward Hai Bodong behind him and asked uncertainly, “Old Hai, is there something wrong with you?”

As Fa Ma was an alchemist, his Spiritual Perception was comparatively stronger than Jia Xing Tian. Therefore, he was very sensitive and could sense the Dou Qi suddenly flowing turbulently within Hai Bodong’s body.

“It’s nothing.” Hai Bodong shook his head and carelessly replied. His gaze, however, was staring intently at Xiao Yan’s back. If his identity were to be exposed today, there would really be some trouble.

After Yun Leng’s voice fell, the entire square descended into silence. There were only countless gazes which were adulterated with doubt, focused on the black figure, which did not make the slightest movement.

Yun Leng stared intently at the skinny back and a faint Dou Qi ripple began to brew on his palm. As soon as Xiao Yan made any action to flee, he would immediately stop him.

The atmosphere of the quiet open ground was depressing and strange.

The silence persisted for a while. Finally, the back which appeared like a solid rock statue moved a little. As the figure moved, Yun Leng’s eyes were also slowly narrowed. His body leaned forward slightly, much like an eagle which was about to plunge forward and capture its prey.

“Is there something wrong, Elder Yun Leng?” A sudden indifferent voice which suddenly appeared, finally broke the silence of the square. It also caused Yun Leng, who was leaning slightly forward to stiffen his body.

Once again, countless gazes in the square turned. However, they were all currently gathered on Yun Leng’s body. Other than some people, most of the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples were unclear why Yun Leng would suddenly stop Xiao Yan with his voice at this moment in time.

Yun Leng slowly stood up while being the center of attention. His gaze was dark and fierce as it stared at Xiao Yan. In a deep voice, he said, “I wonder if Mister Xiao Yan has heard the news about the Misty Cloud Sect’s external deacon, Mo Cheng of the Mo clan dying a few months ago?”

After Yun Leng spoke these words, private whispers began to immediately spread across the open ground. Mo Cheng’s position within the Misty Cloud Sect was not low. Moreover, he had an outstanding socializing method. This had resulted in him having quite a good relationship with the members of the Misty Cloud Sect. Back then, when he died, a commotion arose within the sect. The law enforcement team had even been dispatched to Yan City to investigate. According to the information they had gathered, however, they only knew that two extremely strong, mysterious people had appeared and killed Mo Cheng. However, the Misty Cloud Sect did not have much information regarding the two mysterious people. Therefore, the death of Mo Cheng had been a thorn in the hearts of some elders who had quite a good relationship with Mo Cheng.

At such a moment, however, Yun Leng had suddenly brought this matter up. It was undoubtedly irrelevant. Could it be possible that he thought that the person who killed Mo Cheng was Xiao Yan?

As this thought flashed across their hearts, everyone felt it was somewhat funny. It should be known that Mo Cheng had already stepped into the Dou Ling class for many years. Xiao Yan, on the other hand, was at the very most a Da Dou Shi. The gap between the two of them was like that of the sky and the earth. How could Xiao Yan be related to that matter?

Yun Leng ignored the private conversations occurring in the square. He simply stared intently at Xiao Yan and waited for his response.

Xiao Yan’s hand trembled slightly within his sleeves. He pursed up his lips and inhaled a deep breath within his heart. Suppressing his intense heartbeat, Xiao Yan slowly turned around and once again faced the countless Misty Cloud Sect disciples within the huge square. A voice which carried a tone as indifferent as the wind reverberating across open ground, “Elder Yun Leng, what are you implying by saying this? Don’t tell me that you think that Mo Cheng was actually killed by me?”

“Is that so?” Yun Leng softly laughed. He pointed to Ge Ye at his side and a low deep voice sounded, “Yanran and Ge Ye had coincidentally participated in Mo Cheng’s birthday celebration back then. Therefore, they were also present. During that time, Ge Ye had personally exchanged blows with that mysterious person and saw the other party’s face during the time that they fought. However, he had merely got a quick glimpse so it was a little blurry. It was due to this only a moment ago did he dare say for certain that the mysterious person…”

“Is you, Xiao Yan!” Yun Leng’s eyes widened as he let out a stern and loud cry.


A deathly silence!

The atmosphere of those within the huge square appeared to have solidified. The expression on everyone’s face stiffened at this moment. Numerous dull gazes were foolishly eyeing Yun Leng, whose face was completely stern. Their minds, which were originally working, had slowly ceased operation under these words which were like an earth-shaking explosion.

On the huge tree, Fa Ma and Jia Xing Tian were also stunned by Yun Leng’s words. When the matter at Yan City occurred back then, Jia Xing Tian had personally hurried over. Therefore, he knew that the mysterious person who had killed Mo Cheng back then definitely had strength that was no weaker than his own. If it was indeed Xiao Yan who killed Mo Cheng, did that not mean that he was truly already on the same level as them?

A young man in his teenage years, who was still at a stage between being a youth and a young man was a Dou Huang? Even if one started training in his mother’s womb, something like that was absolutely impossible!

The two of them exchanged glances. Their brows were knit together. Although they clearly knew that conjecture of Xiao Yan being the mysterious person was very comical, their experience was far from what those of the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples could compare with. These words of Yun Leng may appear extremely funny, but with his status, would he utter such ridiculous words without any basis? In other words, did he really have evidence to prove that Xiao Yan was the person who killed Mo Cheng?

If that were true, then did it not appear that this little fellow seemed to be a little overly terrifying?

Behind Fa Ma and Jia Xing Tian who were filled with doubt in their hearts, Nalan Jie, Mu Cheng, and the others had similarly entered a confused state at this moment. The words of Yun Leng were really a little too much of a blow to them. If what Yun Leng said was true, did that not mean that the strength which Xiao Yan currently displayed was merely the tip of the iceberg?

Under the solidified atmosphere of the entire place, Xiao Yan raised his head. His gaze slowly swept across the square. Each and everyone’s dull expressions were absorbed into his eyes. A long while, his gaze paused on Nalan Yanran, whose pretty face was completely stunned. He suddenly laughed, turned his gaze toward Yun Leng and said, “Elder Yun Leng, I do feel a deep regretful for the death of your sect’s deacon, Mo Cheng. However, this does not mean that you can randomly slander anyone. Everyone knows that Mo Cheng was at the Dou Ling level. Back then, the mysterious person had killed him in an extremely quick and straightforward manner. From all of this, it appears that the strength of the latter should at least be around that of the Dou Wang class. Don’t tell me that you think I have that kind of strength? If that is the case, aren’t you a little far too flattering in your opinion of me?”

“As for the evidence you have mentioned, it is merely Ge Ye’s one sided story. With just this, you actually judge me to be the person who killed Mo Cheng. Isn’t this a little too funny?”

Yun Leng coldly watched the smiling Xiao Yan. He also knew that Xiao Yan would absolve himself in this manner. Honestly speaking, if Ge Ye had not used his life to warrant his words, even Yun Leng himself did not dare guarantee that Xiao Yan was truly that mysterious person. After all, the two of them were basically as far apart as the Heavens and Earth. How could they be associated with each other?

As he sighed in his heart, Yun Leng recalled the terrified manner of Ge Ye earlier, which did not appear to be a mere act. His heart once again calmed down. Turning his gaze abruptly to Nalan Yanran who was off to the side, he said in a deep voice, “Yanran, you were also present back then. Although you did not see the appearance of the other party, you should at least know something about the figure or some unique points between the two, no?”

Yun Leng’s words immediately pulled all the gazes in the square over to Nalan Yanran, whose pretty face was still a little pale. This included the gaze of Xiao Yan, who stood at the edge of the square.

The sudden question caused Nalan Yanran, whose mind was still in a paste-like state, to be startled. She slowly turned her head, her eyes observed that indifferent young and delicate face. Immediately, her gaze began to carefully move over the latter’s body.

As Nalan Yanran swept her gaze over, the hearts of everyone on the open ground were abruptly raised. At such a moment, the words of Nalan Yanran may not have a decisive impact, but it undoubtedly would increase Xiao Yan’s suspicion.

The atmosphere of the square was quiet. A long while later, Nalan Yanran withdrew her gaze and shook her head. She slowly said, “First Elder, that mysterious person back then was wearing a very large robe, covering his actual figure. Therefore, I am unable to identify him.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan quietly released a sighe of relief within his heart. The expression of Yun Leng and the other’s however, became a little ugly.

“That’s right. I have just remembered. Back then, the mysterious person had displayed a kind of extremely terrifying white-colored flame when he killed Mo Cheng!” A somewhat sharp voice was suddenly shouted from the red faced Ge Ye’s mouth.

Hearing Ge Ye’s shout, the expressions of Fa Ma, Jia Xing Tian, Nalan Jie, and the others changed drastically. They had suddenly recalled that Xiao Yan had once used an extremely mysterious white flame during the Alchemist Grand Meeting.

At this moment, an aghast covered the hearts of everyone!

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s expression slowly became gloomy!

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