Chapter 343: A Trouble Which One Cannot Escape From (Teaser)

Chapter 343: A Trouble Which One Cannot Escape From

Hearing the voice which slowly rang out over the open ground, Xiao Yan’s footstep which were about to descend the stairs paused abruptly. With his back facing the square, he lifted his head and inhaled a long breath. The fist within his sleeve was tightly clenched.

On the huge tree, Hai Bodong eyebrows shifted as he frowned intently. His gaze swept toward the middle of the square. At that moment, the expression of Yun Leng and the others appeared a little strange.

“Dammit, has he been recognized by someone?” Hai Bodong softly muttered. The powerful Dou Qi within his body quietly began to circulate.

As Yun Leng’s voice fell, numerous gazes in the open ground were once again thrown toward the skinny back of the person who was about to descend the stairs. Nalan Yanran wiped the traces of blood off the corner of her mouth. She lifted her head and watched Xiao Yan’s back with a pair of complicated eyes. Immediately, she turned around and spoke to Yun Leng and the others, “First Elder, in today’s fight, Yanran was indeed weaker than him.”

“Yanran, this has nothing to do with your fight. You should stand aside for now.” Yun Leng waved his hand, his expression appeared unexpectedly...

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