Chapter 341: End!

Chapter 341: End!

The thundering sound suddenly exploded in the sky above the huge open grounds. Like the anger of a thunder god, it caused people’s minds and spirits to involuntarily tremble in fear.

After the loud sound, the two incomparably ferocious energies burst out like an erupting volcano after they collided in midair, wildly emitting the terrifying energy that was contained in each of them. Immediately, a wild wind appeared in the sky above the open ground. It whistled past. When it arrived at the spot where the two energies had come into contact, even the air had become somewhat vague and distorted after being struck by the powerful energy in the sky.

The wild wind blew past and the assaulting energy ripple that spread out in the sky was like the flame of the heavens descending, engulfing the square and the area Nalan Yanran was in.



The energy ripple came into contact with some of the defensive covers that the Misty Cloud Sect disciples had set up. However, they clearly had underestimated the terrifying force that had been emitted when the two energies collided. Immediately, some of the fragile parts of the cover were instantly destroyed, smashed to pieces by the energy wave. Some of the weaker Misty Cloud Sect disciples’ faces became pale and began wildly throwing up blood.

“Increase the thickness of the cover!” Yun Leng hurriedly cried out as he eyed those Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples who had suffered a crushing blow under the energy strike.

“Yes!” Hearing Yun Leng’s cry, the Misty Cloud Sect disciples present immediately cried out in unison. The united cry shot directly to the clouds and actually managed to temporarily suppress the loud thunder sound in the sky.


As the orderly cry resounded, numerous different-colored Dou Qi glows immediately surged out of the bodies of the Misty Cloud Sect disciples. This Dou Qi lingered in the air above them and instantly came into contact with one another. They swiftly merged and in the blink of an eye, formed a multi-colored Dou Qi cover that enveloped half the open ground.


Just as the defensive barrier was formed, another terrifying energy ripple burst forth from the sky. It violently smashed against the defensive cover. Immediately, the cover appeared to be like the surface of a lake after a huge rock had been thrown in with numerous ripples repeatedly spreading out from the epicenter. This time around, however, the defensive cover which the Misty Cloud Sect disciples had created in unison did not face the same danger of being broken.

The moment the energy in the sky collided with each other, those on the tall trees surrounding the square, with the exception of Fa Ma, Jia Xing Tian, Hai Bodong, Gu He and others with strong abilities, waved their hands and summoned forth energy shields on the surface of their bodies as a precaution. At the same time, they retreated some distance away. Although Nalan Yanran’s and Xiao Yan’s strength were around that of a Da Dou Shi, the energy that erupted after the attacks of the two of them collided was something that even a Dou Ling would not dare to receive without any defense.

The tough square continuously shook under the strike of the powerful energy ripple. Numerous crack lines slowly appeared and finally began to spread all over.

Xiao Yan raised his head. His expression was grave as he eyed the attacking energy wave which came at him in a lightning like manner. As he sensed the terrifying force contained within it, Xiao Yan’s back trembled slightly. The Purple Cloud Wings, which were over a meter long, launched from his shoulders. His feet gently pressed on the ground and his body appeared like it was sliding as it swiftly pulled back. At the same time, that attacking energy wave, which was visible to the naked eye, whizzed as it followed closely behind, much like a billowing wave. Wherever it passed, the hard open ground was damaged until it was in a terrible state.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the attacking energy wave which was like a screaming wave. As he pulled back swiftly, the corner of his eyes drifted a little to the left and then to the right. Immediately, the corner of his mouth bent slightly. His feet rotated and his body suddenly turned toward another spot. When he rotated, the attacking energy wave which was following close behind, carried rock fragments all over the place and continued rushing at him.

As he watched the attacking energy ripple which appeared to have a spirit, Xiao Yan was not overly surprised over. This was because the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ which he had shot out contained some Spiritual Strength which he had adhered to it. Therefore, when the two forces collided, some of the remaining energy would follow the path of the Spiritual Strength to search for the creator. Xiao Yan remained ignorant of Nalan Yanran’s exact condition due to the cover of the intense light, but she should have also received an similiar extremely severe energy attack.

Xiao Yan’s swiftly retreating body abruptly paused. His feet left a footprint which was half an inch deep on the green rock under his feet. The pair of wings on his back suddenly flapped and his body instantly left the ground and lifted into the air. The instant that his body did so, the shocked faces of the Misty Cloud Sect’s elders behind were also revealed to him.

Due to its initial motion, the attacking energy wave did not have the time to turn around to chase Xiao Yan. Instead, it aggressively billowed toward Yun Leng and the others on the stone platform.

“What a cunning fellow!” After feeling stunned, Yun Leng swiftly recovered and softly scolded in an angry manner. His palms abruptly slammed heavily on the ground as he cried, “Heavy Rock Wall!”

As his cry fell, the ground in a spot a few meters in front of Yun Leng began to churn violently. A loud bang immediately sounded and a huge rock wall broke through the ground and appeared. Like a colossus being, it protected Yun Leng and the others behind it.

“Bang!” The attack energy wave which sped past ferociously crashed onto the rock wall. The instantaneous violent collision caused the surrounding Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples to involuntarily cover their ears.

Rock fragments repeatedly fell from the rock wall and tiny crack lines also began to swiftly spread. However, Yun Leng did not show the slightest sign of panic. After he summoned the rock wall, he raised his head and focused intently on Xiao Yan who was flying in the air. With a shocked voice, he said, “Dou Qi Wings? No, don’t tell me it’s a flying Dou Technique? Humph, what a lucky fellow. He even possesses such a rare thing.”

“That cunning fellow. He actually forced us to take action to defuse that attack energy wave which was chasing after him.” An Elder patted off the dust on his head as he helplessly said angrily.

“Nalan Yanran’s situation does not appear to be too good. Moreover, that Yan Xiao actually possesses a flying Dou Technique. Although Nalan Yanran can temporarily stay in the air because of her agility Dou Technique, she would definitely be no match for him. Should they fight in the air, she would not be as agile as him and will be at a disadvantage.” Another Elder raised his head, eyed the sky and frowned as he spoke. The piercing sunlight appeared to pose no obstruction to him.

“First Elder. The situation now has somewhat exceeded our control. That Xiao Yan is really very strong!”

Yun Leng frowned tightly as his palm slowly fondled his beard. A long while later, he said in a deep and soft voice, “Let’s wait and see first. Try not to let Nalan Yanran lose. Otherwise, where will the Misty Cloud Sect put its face in front of so many strong people?”

“What do you mean, First Elder?” Hearing this, the white robed old men around were stunned and their brows were knit together.

“Let’s wait and see first.” Yun Leng shook his head but did not say much. He raised his head and looked at the sky. Suddenly, his expression changed slightly, “ Yanran is injured!”


In the sky which was isolated by a strong light, Nalan Yanran’s body was like a catkin in a wild wind. Her body borrowed the slight breeze as it repeatedly shook in a light and agile manner, using this to dodge the waves of attacking energy which billowed over. However, the range and number of attacking waves of energy was really far too great. After dodging ten plus attacks in a row, Nalan Yanran’s strength was finally exhausted. As her body slowed, an attacking energy wave heavily slammed into her body. Immediately, her pretty face paled and she could not resist spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Nalan Yanran’s palm held her chest, forcefully resisting the pain that was transmitted from within her body. She had just stopped moving in the air when her eyes abruptly shrunk. When she turned her head around, she noticed that a black-robed young man with his arms folded around his chest had appeared a short distance behind her. The purple-colored wings on his back were flapping as his dark pupils coldly watched her.

The two pairs of eyes exchanged a glance in midair. Nalan Yanran bit her red lips tightly. Her hand suddenly made a virtual push toward Xiao Yan. Immediately, a large number of pale green-colored wind blades appeared in front of her from nowhere and swept toward Xiao Yan.

Borrowing the reverse force, Nalan Yanran’s body swiftly fell toward the ground. She clearly understood that if she were to fight in the air, Xiao Yan, who possessed a pair of wings, would gain an advantage. This was especially so under the current situation where she was badly injured.

Just as Nalan Yanran had begun to move, Xiao Yan took the lead. The wings on his back flapped and his body abruptly plunged downward. His body immediately trembled slightly as he narrowly dodged the wave of wind blades. His flying speed then abruptly soared as his body flashed and appeared above Nalan Yanran like a ghost. He lowered his head and eyed Nalan Yanran, whose pretty face had changed slightly.

“It is over, Nalan Yanran.”

As a gentle breeze blew past his ear, Xiao Yan stared at the exquisite face. His voice had suddenly become a little hoarse. Three years of tough training where he had experienced loneliness and withstood blood and sweat during that time. All of it was merely to enable him to one day truly defeat the shame which was recklessly left behind by a young lady in the hall of the Xiao clan.

Seeing the delicate and handsome face at such a close distance, Nalan Yanran was even able to spot the vague outline of that stubborn young man back then. Her eyes were a little blurred. The figure of the ordinary young man who wore the long alchemist robe at the Alchemist Grand Meeting once again surfaced in Nalan Yanran’s mind. A self mocking look could not help but appear on her face.

“Is this your revenge? Creating an illusionary person who was so outstanding that even I am mesmerized, only to break it apart, letting me know that the useless person whom I looked down on back then was someone who could truly cause me, Nalan Yanran, to view in a new light. Xiao Yan, the me back then indeed looked down on you because of your strength. Reality has already proven that I am really short-sighted.”

Nalan Yanran lifted her pretty face. She stared directly at Xiao Yan, who was swinging his hand which was about to smash over. As she bit her bottom lip with the her back of her teeth, the stubborness on her face was almost exactly the same as Xiao Yan’s back then.

“But I have already said before. Even if I were to go back in time, I would still go to the Xiao clan to cancel the engagement. I don’t need them to decide on my marriage. I am unable to keep a stranger company for the rest of my life!”

Xiao Yan watched the stubborn Nalan Yanran indifferently. Some fatigue flashed past his dark eyes. His body abruptly fell downward as his hands were gently imprinted on the latter’s chest. His mouth was nestled beside her ear. A muttering was slowly emitted as though he was talking to himself.

“I have never said that you are wrong to cancel the engagement. It is just the method that you chose to do so was wrong. Unfortunately, the arrogant you, never thought about this point.”

“But since things have reached this stage, there is no longer a meaning in arguing about who is right or wrong. In the future, we will not cross paths. You can continue to be your junior sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect while I continue to be a practitioner undergoing tough training.”

“The Three Year Agreement is over, Nalan Yanran.”

As the mumbling slowly fell, a hidden force within the hand that was pressed gently on Nalan Yanran’s chest immediately erupted.

This words of Xiao Yan caused Nalan Yanran’s face to turn white.

“Xiao Yan, please give the Misty Cloud Sect face and concede to Nalan Yanran. After this, the Misty Cloud Sect will give you a thanks that is satisfactory.”

The moment when Xiao Yan was about to strike, a cry that was concealed to everyone was suddenly transmitted to his ears.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was raised in ridicule. He had identified the owner of this voice. Was it not a little laughable and childish for Yun Leng, the First Elder of the Misty Cloud Sec,t to quietly transmit his voice to try to persuade him at the last moment like this?

Xiao Yan gently laughed. He lowered his head and eyed the square. Without any hesitation, his hand abruptly shook and the surging force within his palm exploded forth like a volcano!

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