Chapter 340: Small Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!

Chapter 340: Small Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!

A cool wind cut through the sky, causing the startled and absentminded Nalan Yanran to recover. After she did so, she waved her hand and as a conditional reflex, she appeared to be trying to grab the light sword which had been shot explosively downward. However, with her current strength, it was already a great strain to display the ‘Wind’s Peak’. It was impossible for her to direct it like her limbs. Therefore, she could only watch with her eyes as the longword, which carried an impressive force from all directions, as it violently smashed like a hot sun toward Xiao Yan standing in the open ground!

Her heart was currently a total mess. She understood that in her heart she held a favorable impression, and perhaps a little spirit of competition of never wanting to admit, toward the young man called Yan Xiao. A man who possessed strength that subdued others, without having a beautiful face.

It was due to having these complicated emotions that Nalan Yanran abandoned the indifference she usually had when speaking to others in her conversations with Yan Xiao. Her warm and soft tone was something she had used for the first time in many years on a male who was not her elder or...

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