Chapter 340: Small Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!

Chapter 340: Small Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!

A cool wind cut through the sky, causing the startled and absentminded Nalan Yanran to recover. After she did so, she waved her hand and as a conditional reflex, she appeared to be trying to grab the light sword which had been shot explosively downward. However, with her current strength, it was already a great strain to display the ‘Wind’s Peak’. It was impossible for her to direct it like her limbs. Therefore, she could only watch with her eyes as the longword, which carried an impressive force from all directions, as it violently smashed like a hot sun toward Xiao Yan standing in the open ground!

Her heart was currently a total mess. She understood that in her heart she held a favorable impression, and perhaps a little spirit of competition of never wanting to admit, toward the young man called Yan Xiao. A man who possessed strength that subdued others, without having a beautiful face.

It was due to having these complicated emotions that Nalan Yanran abandoned the indifference she usually had when speaking to others in her conversations with Yan Xiao. Her warm and soft tone was something she had used for the first time in many years on a male who was not her elder or relative.

Although the time she wasn't in contact with ‘Yan Xiao’ for very long, Xiao Yan had used this identity to unbridledly squander all of his outstanding ability that caused people to be repeatedly shocked. With the ‘Heavenly Flame’ in his hand, he cured the ‘Searing Poison’ which even Pill-King Gu He could do nothing about. When he participated in the Alchemist Grand Meeting, he stood out from various outstanding alchemists from various countries. Moreover, he had even been the savior at the very last moment to turn the tide of the competition, creating a miracle under a hopeless situation and helped the empire’s alchemist association snatch back their honor which they were about to lose.

One by one, theses feats, which caused people’s blood to boil, had caused a countless number of different young ladies to feel an affection for him. Under the aura of these kinds of prominent results, even an outstanding lady like Nalan Yanran could not resist feeling a little dazzled. What girl has never imagined within her heart that the prince charming she loves not receiving cheers from tens of thousands of people?

Without a doubt, heroes love beauties, but similarly beauties also love heroes. The action of ‘Yan Xiao’ back then, where he did his best to protect the reputation of the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Association, may not have been his original intention, but in the eyes of the Jia Ma Empire’s citizens, he was worthy of the word ‘hero’. Regardless of how indifferent and haughty Nalan Yanran was, she was also a lady. Moreover, the moment that the young man had received tens of thousands of cheers was indeed also the moment where he became the most attractive to others.

From the messy emotions in her heart, Nalan Yanran even had the impulse to pull back the longsword earlier. However, after she failed this action, she suddenly became quiet. She bit her bottom red lip with the back of her teeth as she stared at Xiao Yan below. The emotions within her eyes was like tens of thousands of threads being entangled together, appearing complicated and difficult to separate.

Xiao Yan lifted his head and eyed the piercing glow which was becoming increasingly large in his eyes. He had also discovered the reactions of those people around him, but he was not too concerned. As something that would be exposed sooner or later, he did not think of hiding his other identity for very long.

Green-colored and purple-colored flames slowly rose on his hands. The pressuring force that hit him from the sky above pressed the clothes tightly against Xiao Yan’s skin. The purple-colored flame flickered repeatedly. Only the cluster of green-colored flame swayed with the wind and did not show any sign of weakening.

Xiao Yan raised his hands to an equal height and immediately but slowly narrowed the distance between them. Seemingly having sensed the imminent collision, the two flames suddenly began to fluctuate intensely. The flame seedlings crazily began to leap around as their hot temperatures began to swiftly rise.

“What is he thinking of doing?” As they eyed the strange action of Xiao Yan’s, Fa Ma, Gu He, and the others on the huge trees were all stunned and their faces were at a loss.

“This fellow is actually thinking of merging two different kinds of flames together?” Gu He was indeed worthy of being called a tier six alchemist. After some thought, he understood Xiao Yan’s intention. His face was instantly stunned. “Is he crazy? He is actually thinking of merging two different flames? Isn’t he afraid of the backlash from the flames?”

As a tier six alchemist, Gu He naturally had a clear understanding of the resistance and incompatibility of two different flames. The difficulty of trying to successfully merge two different flames together was almost unimaginable. Even Gu He himself did not dare guarantee that he had that kind of ability. Of course, he had also never attempted such a thing before. After all, not everyone in this world had Xiao Yan’s ruthless vigor, where one went all out without fearing death. For an alchemist, the backlash of a flame was the most terrifying thing.

Fa Ma exchanged glances with Jia Xing Tian. They may also have had some doubts present on their forehead, but with the prior miracle created at the Alchemist Grand Meeting, they understood not to carelessly look down on this little fellow who was still quite young. There did not appear to be any shortage of miracles when it came to this extraordinary young man.

“Is he about to use that thing?” As he eyed Xiao Yan’s action, Hai Bodong’s brow twitched. His hands began to feel a little uneasy. Although he knew that this type of merger did not pose any threat to him, Hai Bodong had some psychological trauma after that extremely large scale explosion from the merging the other time, which had nearly caused a few Dou Huang to meet their demise. Therefore, as long as he saw this fellow merging flames, he could not resist having an impulse to disappear somewhere far away.

However, it was fortunate that Hai Bodong did not lose himself as he did the last time. He forcefully suppressed his Qi in his heart, which had become a little hurried, while his eyes stared intently at the battleground.

The green and purple-colored flames grew increasingly close. A ferocious energy ripple repeatedly surged out from the two flames. Occasionally, the flame seedlings would spring forward emitting a loud explosion that was like a wave of thunder, causing everyone present to become a little shocked.

Xiao Yan’s expression was calm as he eyed the changes of the two different flames. He was quiet for a moment before his hands instantly and abruptly clapped heavily together.

“Bang, bang!”

The two-colored flames were violently knocked against each other. Waves of muffled thundering sounds were repeatedly emitted from Xiao Yan’s palm. However, Xiao Yan totally ignored them. He rubbed his hands slightly together and a Spiritual Strength was spread out of his body in a lightning like manner. Immediately, it wrapped around the two clusters of flame and following his past experience, he began to control it with great familiarity and ease.

As the rubbing between Xiao Yan’s hands grew increasingly fast, a faint glow suddenly began to spread from his palms, just like that of muffled thunder. A moment later, the muffled thunder came to a sudden stop. Xiao Yan gently exhaled. His palms, which were tightly held together, gradually parted. A green-purple double-colored glow from his palm suddenly pervaded all over.

The brilliant glow gradually weakened. As everyone’s eyes hurriedly swept over, their faces were immediately stunned as they watch the green purple flame lotus which was slowly rotating, suspended above Xiao Yan’s palm.

“This is…” Gu He was shocked as he watched the two-colored flame on Xiao Yan’s hand. His mouth parted as he instantly swept his Spiritual Strength, which was spread all over the open ground, over that flame lotus. His eyes instantly and abruptly shrunk.

“What a huge violent energy. The ‘Heavenly Flame’ and another flame merged together, resulting in a huge explosive force to form due to their incompatibility. This fellow is actually able to perform this step.” As a tier six alchemist, Gu He clearly understood that merging two flames together could create an extremely huge amount of explosive energy. However, trying to merge two flames together and getting it to explode upon instruction required the person controlling it to maintain the two flames at an equilibrium. It was difficult to control such an equilibrium. Should any of the two flames break this equilibrium, these two flames would first explode before they could be shot out. If this happened, not only would Xiao Yan fail to hurt his opponent, but he would also end up causing himself to be seriously injured, losing more than he gained.

Gu He did not know if he could perfectly merge the two kinds of flames with his own ability. This was because he had never tried doing so. However, with his many years of experience, he could tell that the difficulty of this kind of merger should not be inferior to that of refining a tier four or even a tier five medicinal pill. Nevertheless, the young man below appeared to have easily and smoothly completed this extremely dangerous merging. How could this not cause Gu He to feel shock?

“There is no grievances in losing against him.” Gu He sighed, turned his head around and spoke to Liu Ling.

Liu Ling’s expression was serious as he nodded his head. Although his spiritual perception could not possibly be as meticulous as Gu He’s, he could still vaguely sense just what kind of enormous energy that the two-colored flame lotus, which was merely around the size of his palm, possessed.

“It is really difficult to say just who will win or lose this match.” Gu He mumbled as he shook his head.

“What is that thing that he has created?” Yun Leng, who was on the stone platform, frowned and asked uncertainly upon seeing the green purple flame lotus suspended above Xiao Yan’s hand.

“No idea.” The few elders beside him looked at each other and shook their heads in ignorance.

Yun Leng knit his brows tightly together. He slowly fondled his beard with his hand. For some unknown reason, an uneasiness had rose within his heart.

All the gazes present on the open ground were gathered on Xiao Yan’s palm. Although they were uncertain what kind of power that green-purple flame lotus had, the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples appeared to have sensed something. A couple of the disciples who were nearer to the battleground of the two of them could not stand the heat and had increased the thickness of the defensive cover on the surface of their body.

“What a strong energy. This fellow is really more and more difficult to see through. His trump cards appear to come out one after another endlessly.” Fa Ma lifted his gaze from the flame lotus and exchanged glances with Jia Xing Tian. He then shook his head as he sighed with a little worry in his heart. Since they had come to know this fellow, the two of them had felt the sense of shock an unknown number of times.

Xiao Yan’s hands slowly moved up and down. That suspended green-colored flame lotus also followed his hand as it repeatedly moved in the same direction. Xiao Yan raised his head. The pressure brought about by that sharp and hot sword nearly caused Xiao Yan’s body to incline slightly.

Xiao Yan parted his feet slightly as that huge amount of energy pouring down discharged onto the ground. He inhaled a deep breath and was silent for a moment. His finger abruptly flicked out the lotus as he softly muttered, “Go, ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame!”

As his voice fell, the green purple flame lotus abruptly left his hand, turned into a flowing light which flashed toward the hot sunlight sword.

Under the watch of countless of tensed gazes on the open ground, the two rays of light swiftly flashed in midair. Finally, they violently collided around ten meters from the ground much like two meteorites.


The sound of a huge explosion reverberated throughout the entire Misty Cloud Mountain at this very moment!

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