Chapter 339: Exposed (Teaser)

Chapter 339: Exposed

“This is?”

Nalan Yanran was startled as she watched Xiao Yan below from her position high in the sky. The familiar action of spitting Purple Flames which he had displayed earlier as well as the green-colored flame in his hand caused the young man called Yan Xiao, who had left an extremely deep impression in her mind, to slowly surface.

The somewhat skinny figure of the two of them gradually began to come into contact within her mind. Immediately, they merged perfectly.

Other than that face, the expression or presence of the current Xiao Yan did not differ with the young man who had beat the young alchemist from the Chu Yun Empire with his own strength at the Imperial family square back then.

“Yan Xiao, Xiao Yan. Yan Xiao, Xiao Yan.” A soft mutter was emitted from her mouth. At this moment, Nalan Yanran had appeared to come to a sudden realization. She abruptly understood some things. The mysterious young person who had used the Alchemist Grand Meeting to become the leader of the younger generation of the Jia Ma Empire, and the very person who had even caused Nalan Yanran to involuntarily feel an admiration for despite her haughty character; was actually this young man whom she had viewed as trash three years ago!

The back of Nalan Yanran’s teeth bit on her bottom red lip. The expression on that pretty face of hers repeatedly...

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