Chapter 338: Wind’s Peak: Dazzling Sunset (Teaser)

Chapter 338: Wind’s Peak: Dazzling Sunset

On the huge green rock square, powerful Dou Qi and sharp wind blades repeatedly shot out, leaving behind numerous clear and visible deep scars on the surrounding hard surfaces.

Everyone held their breath at this moment. Their gazes followed the two human figures which appeared and disappeared as they moved in flashes. The increasingly intense and heated battle caused many people to have their hearts jump to their throat while they watched the explosive battle of both parties. Their original impression of Xiao Yan was someone who should have been defeated upon first contact, but he had unexpectedly not shown any signs of being at a disadvantage in the fight. Instead, with those extremely ferocious close-ranged attacks of his, he actually faintly looked like he was suppressing Nalan Yanran in terms of attacks. This really stunned the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples who had originally thought that victory was easily within their grasp.

Of course, this was not only so for the ordinary Misty Cloud Sect’s disciple. After Xiao Yan had quietly used the ‘Heavenly Flame’ to completely block all of the Xuan class Dou Techniques which Nalan Yanran had repeatedly displayed, the Misty Cloud Sect’s elders on the stone platform finally became to display uneasy expressions. The few Dou Techniques which Nalan Yanran had displayed basically belonged to the advanced and difficult to learn type. Moreover, their power was also quite great.

With Nalan Yanran’s strength, even if her opponent was a strong person two or three stars above her, it would not be possible for him to easily block these few Dou Technique which she displayed. However, the reality...

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