Chapter 337: An Intense Fight!

Chapter 337: An Intense Fight!

“This is going to be fun now.” Sensing the open ground which had suddenly become quiet, Jia Xing Tian stared at the Dou Qi armor on Xiao Yan’s body which was faintly emitting a green-colored glow. His face had some shock and amazement. This armor was only in its infancy shape, but regardless of how one put it, being able to summon it out meant that that person had already entered the Da Dou Shi class!

Reflecting on what he saw from this point, it appeared that the gap between Xiao Yan’s and Nalan Yanran’s strength was not very big. The thing that caused Jia Xing Tian to be shocked was how this little fellow of the Xiao clan, who did not have a strong backing behind him, could actually swiftly catch up to Nalan Yanran in these three short years. One should know that behind Nalan Yanran was this huge being known as the Misty Cloud Sect which was grooming her and providing support.

“This young fellow is not someone simple.” Jia Xing Tian and Fa Ma exchanged glances with each other. Both of them could see this emotion within the other’s eyes.


On another side, Nalan Jie’s face which had only just relaxed for only a short while, then once again tensed up. His eyes stared intently at the Dou Qi armor on Xiao Yan’s body. A long while later, he finally let out a long breath. He slowly closed his eyes and the expression on his face held some bitterness.

This time around, Nalan Jie truly felt a regret. He regretted not having stopped Nalan Yanran back then. If Nalan Yanran did not create the whole issue of cancelling...

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