Chapter 335: Nalan Yanran, Defeated?

Chapter 335: Nalan Yanran, Defeated?

Sensing the rise of strong Dou Qi on Xiao Yan’s body, astonishment flashed across Nalan Yanran’s pupils. This young man who had endured supercilious looks and ridicule in the Xiao clan back then was now really totally different.

As Nalan Yanran held the pale green longsword in her hand, a faint green-colored swirling wind rolled and drifted on her body. Sharp wind blades retracted and appeared within the swirling wind. Occasionally they would blast out, leaving numerous scars which were neither shallow nor deep in the tough green rock. The blades gradually moved up, pointing at Xiao Yan from far away. Under the reflection of the sunlight, the edge of the blades emitted dense and stern glows.

As the Dou Qi on the both of them soared, the atmosphere of the open ground instantly flew heavy. The surroundings had once again become quiet as all the gazes were thrown on the two people. Many of them wanted to know just how far the useless young person back then had actually reached after these three years of training?

In the square, Xiao Yan slowly closed his eyes and immediately exhaled a long breath. His eyes were suddenly shot opened and a green-colored flame flashed passed his dark black eyes. The Dou Qi on his body had once again become much deeper at this moment.

Xiao Yan’s palm tightly held the ruler’s hilt and sensed the heavy feeling that was repeatedly transmitted to him. He raised his eyes and stared at the lady with a willow like figure opposite him. The two exchanged glances in midair. Both of their gazes were somewhat complicated.

“Once the Three Year Agreement is complete, the grudges between...

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