Chapter 332: Entrusting (Teaser)

Chapter 332: Entrusting

The loud laughter of Xiao Yan quietly disappeared from within the room. He sensed the feeling of his body being full of energy. The corner of his mouth contained a smile as he tightened his fist. A rich green glow swiftly covered the surface of his hand. The green glow then darkened and a cutting edge gradually appeared.

Xiao Yan’s legs opened slightly. His feet abruptly stomped on the ground. His body seemed to have disappeared and he instantly appeared at a spot around one meter away from where he had previously been. His fist contained a powerful force that stifled people’s breathing as it violently smashed into a huge pillar in front of him.

“Bang!” A huge sound erupted and wood fragments flew in all directions. Xiao Yan tilted his head and eyed his fist which had actually passed completely through the pillar. He laughed softly and slowly withdrew it, leaving an empty hole and a few deep crack lines on the pillar.

TL: How did the house not fall….

Xiao Yan’s palm curled slightly. His fingers were slightly bent as a faint green glow permeated through the tip of his finger. A moment later, he gently flicked his finger and the green-colored force shot out like a sharp arrow as it left his finger. Immediately, a ‘bang’ sounded, smashing the flower vase on the table until it was shattered apart.

“External Emission of Dou Qi.” Seeing the smashed flower vase, Xiao Yan laughed softly. Upon reaching the Da...

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