Chapter 331: Advancing to a Da Dou Shi!

Chapter 331: Advancing to a Da Dou Shi!


The green-colored flame and the three-colored energy aggressively collided within the Qi Path. A soft ‘chi chi’ noise repeatedly sounded. The three-colored energy had begun to swiftly boil at this moment. Wave after wave of rich energy ripples were emitted from within the main body of the energy and collided into the Qi Paths to cause the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth to shiver. Fortunately, these few main Qi Paths of Xiao Yan’s were extremely tough and strong. Therefore, there was no serious problem other than feeling a little pain.

Xiao Yan forcefully resisted the pain as he ordered the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ to wrap around the three-colored energy. After which, he forcefully dragged it along and once again began circulating it through the Qi Method’s route.

The green-colored flame wrapped around the three-colored energy, whizzing past the Qi Method’s route. If one’s mind were to carefully observe it, one would be able to vaguely see the swiftly boiling three-colored energy within the flame.

As the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ repeatedly burned, the three-colored energy was completely merged into a green-brownish-colored liquid energy. Under the threat of the high temperature, the energy created from the merger this time around appeared to be even larger than it was in the past. However, even after becoming more powerful, it still did not possess enough strength to withstand the power of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’. When Xiao Yan once again deployed a wisp of green flame from the ‘Acceptance Spirit’, the green-brownish-colored energy’s resistance finally began to gradually weaken. As the energy was circulated, threads of hot green-brownish energy that had lost their wildness...

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