Chapter 330: Consuming the Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill

Chapter 330: Consuming the Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill

The morning of the next day, warm light poured in from the gap between the windows and a tiny white-colored ray of light spread out on the room’s floor. The ray of light slowly stretched out, before it finally climbed onto the bed and shone upon the face of the young man who was sitting cross-legged on it.

Sensing the warm feeling of the outside world, the quiet face of the youth moved slightly. A moment later, his eyes, which were tightly shut, gradually opened, revealing a pair of dark, calm, and indifferent black pupils.

Xiao Yan twisted his body for a moment, before leaping down from the bed in a supple manner. He opened the door, only to be surprised at the empty private room beyond. It was likely that Hai Bodong had left because he had something to do. However, this might be better as Xiao Yan could avoid being disturbed.

After carelessly washing up in the private room, Xiao Yan flipped the green and red-colored sign by the door such that the red surfaced faced out, indicating that he did not want to be disturbed.

Once he had finished all of his preparations, Xiao Yan felt assured and returned to the room. He opened the window, allowing the warm morning sunlight to scatter on his body. This warm and relaxing feeling caused people to feel a little lazy but it also caused Xiao Yan’s mood to ascend to a quietness where any fluctuation had difficulty being formed.

Xiao Yan stood silently beside the window, only turning his body a long while later. One could not see the slightest joy or anger in his calm face. He slowly raised his palm and a green light suddenly, slowly, rose from it. The green light grew with the wind and turned into a green-colored lotus seat that emitted a faint green glow. The lotus seat was suspended in front of Xiao Yan as it drifted slightly.

Pressing on the ground gently with his toes, Xiao Yan’s body soared and landed steadily on the green lotus seat. He then sat cross-legged on it.

When his body came into contact with the green lotus seat, Xiao Yan could clearly sense that he appeared to have become much more sensitive to the natural energy around him. This core seat was really worthy of being something created from the same source as the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’.

Xiao Yan shook his fingers and a green-colored medicinal pill encircled by three pill-lines appeared between his fingers. He lowered his head and studied this medicinal pill which had been successfully refined after exhausting all of his strength. He was silent for a long time before he saying softly, “This time around, I cannot fail. Otherwise…”

Xiao Yan shook his head and released a breath of turbid air. He slowly closed his eyes and formed the training seals with both hands. The rising and falling of his chest grew increasingly smooth.

Not long after Xiao Yan closed his eyes, the calm air surrounding him quietly began to fluctuate, just like a lake’s surface whose calmness was suddenly broken by a rock thrown into it. Numerous energy flows, which could be seen by the naked eye, seeped out from the air. They rotated around the green lotus for a while before turning into tens of thousands of energy threads which began pouring into Xiao Yan. When they passed through the green-light barrier, which the green lotus emitted, they swiftly underwent an initial purification. After which, they each carried a little of the pure energy from the green lotus as they followed Xiao Yan’s breathing and entered into his body.

Once these energies entered his body, they were easily controlled by Xiao Yan’s mind. They were moved along the route of the Qi Method as they were circulated once around. The impurities within each energy thread were completely purified, leaving only a little pure energy which was poured into the vortex.

Xiao Yan slowly absorbed the energy of the external environment. A long while later, when everything was back to normal, Xiao Yan prepared to flick his finger on the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’ that was situated within two of his fingers. In a skillful manner, he flicked it into his open mouth.

Before Xiao Yan could react, as soon as the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ entered his mouth and dissolved, the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’ swiftly turned into three pure energy waves, with each portion being increasingly stronger than the last. They followed his throat and rolled turbulently down. Finally, they poured into his Qi Paths with an angry roar.

At the moment when the three portions of energy entered his Qi Paths, Xiao Yan‘s hands which were maintaining the training seal abruptly trembled. He realized that of the three portions of energy, two of them had suddenly emitted a high temperature comparable to a flame burning at this moment. The other white-colored energy had become as cold as ice. Anywhere that the cold air from the energy passed through, a thin frost would actually appear on his Qi Path walls.

This hot and cold feeling nearly caused Xiao Yan, who was caught unprepared, to withdraw from his training mode. It was fortunate that his reaction was swift and he quickly settled his spirit. As he clenched his teeth, withstanding the strange pain and feeling the three energy types with different temperatures, he vaguely understood a little. The pattern of these three types of energy was similar to the three types of flame he used back then, when he refined the medicinal pill.

“Don’t tell me that the so called ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’ was actually something that absorbs flame energy into it and then using the energy contained within it to imitate the flames?” Xiao Yan had suddenly come to a realization within his heart. He immediately and swiftly sunk his mind into his body. With a thought, waves of turbulent green-colored Dou Qi from within the vortex moved along the Qi Paths as they surged out. Finally, they came to a violent collision with the energy of the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’ at a certain spot within his Qi Path.


As he heard the soft muffled sound emitted from within his body, Xiao Yan’s throat also let out a soft muffled groan. A flush surged onto his face. The seal on his hands changed and his mind began to direct these three clusters of energy, which had lost some of their vigor in the collision with the Dou Qi. He moved them along the Qi Method route and began to swiftly circulate them.

During the circulation, the two hot and one cold energies began to intertwine with one another and were actually able to merge together in an extremely harmonious manner. From time to time, it would emit different low or high temperatures. This caused Xiao Yan to suffer terribly. If he knew that the flame used to refine the pill was related to the power when consuming the medicinal pill, he would not have use the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ in such an unhesitating manner… The attack earlier initiated by his Dou Qi may have caused the ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’ medicinal effect to weaken a little. However, as the three types of energy perfectly merged into an energy possessing three colors while being circulated around the Qi Method routes, the size of the energy had suddenly expanded greatly. The initially somewhat vague energy had actually completely turned into a three-colored liquid...

As the size expended, Xiao Yan could even vaguely hear the excited roar that the energy emitted. Before he could react, the three-colored energy within his Qi Path, instantly became like a train swiftly rushing by and began circulating in a peremptory manner within his Qi Paths. Xiao Yan was shocked and was just about to prepare to control it with all his might when the three-colored energy sudden paused. Countless tiny energy columns divided from it. Finally, under Xiao Yan’s stunned gaze, they followed the Qi Paths in his body and flowed turbulently in all directions. Even some of the Qi Paths that Xiao Yan had never touched in the past were struck violently by these randomly colliding threads of energy as they forced their way through...

A drop of cold sweat slowly rolled down Xiao Yan’s forehead. The corner of his mouth twitched abruptly. At this moment, his entire face had become contorted from pain. A hissing cool air was seeping out from the gaps between his teeth.

Within his body, the countless tiny clusters of energy brutally rushed into some of the narrow Qi Paths that Xiao Yan had never reached, emitting a sound similar to a torn bamboo. The energy whizzed past like a flowing river and the narrow and tight Qi Paths were swiftly expanded. Numerous extremely thin cracks appeared on the Qi Paths. From within the cracks, a faint glow came splattering out. This was an omen that the Qi Paths could not resist the violent expansion and were about to burst apart...

As the Qi Path’s crack lines were gradually being enlarged, the three-colored tiny energy that was whizzing past left behind countless white-colored liquids. These liquids which contained a cold air swiftly adhered to the surface of the Qi Path walls which were about to break apart. After which, they seeped into the Qi Path walls. As the cold liquid did so, the crack lines actually began to slowly shrink. A moment later, the crack lines on the Qi Paths completely disappeared. However, the tiny Qi Paths in the past which could only accommodate a little energy passing through them, had undergone a complete change in their appearance and size...

Scenes similar to this were currently occurring in countless Qi Paths within Xiao Yan’s body. Although the intense pain almost caused Xiao Yan to blackout, the Qi Paths which were being swiftly expanded, caused him to understand that if he persevered, it would be extremely beneficial to him. As long as all of these tiny Qi Paths were opened up, the speed at which he dispatched Dou Qi in the future would undoubtedly be much faster. If he could control his Dou Qi like he did through his arms in battle, he would gain a very large advantage.

The energy which was separated out continued to rush forward after opening up a tiny Qi Path. One could hear a soft dragging sound as a tiny three-colored energy column was spat from the pores on the surface of Xiao Yan’s body...

Not long after the first sound appeared, Xiao Yan’s body suddenly began to repeatedly vibrate. Cluster after cluster of three-colored energies began shooting out violently from his pore like a fountain. In a moment, they caused Xiao Yan to appear like a kettle with numerous holes…

The energy shot out for a few seconds before completely disappearing. However, after the energy disappeared, blood started shooting out from these pores. As the blood slowly rolled down, half of Xiao Yan was drenched in blood.

The pores which were expanded slowly began recovering to their normal state. However, Xiao Yan could clearly sense that each time he alternated his training seal, those pores which had been opened up such that they were connected to the Qi Paths would actually be like a wind tunnel as they wildly absorbed the energy of the outside world at a swift pace that was at least ten times faster than what it had been in the past.

The intense pain within those tiny Qi Paths gradually disappeared, causing Xiao Yan to sigh in relief. Finally, he ceased being distracted and completely focused his attention on the largest cluster of three-colored energy which was still surging along the Qi Method’s route.

As his mind watched that three-colored energy which did not appear to know the meaning of being tired, Xiao Yan felt a little headache. He did not expect that this ‘Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill’ would actually contain such a large amount of energy. A moment ago, just the energy that had been separated from the main body was able to open up some of the tiny Qi Paths and directly connect them to the pores on the surface of his skin. On the other hand, only an extremely small portion of the energy of this main body had been refined after circulating for a couple of rounds around the Qi Method routes. According to this speed, how long would he need to completely refine all of it?

“Ah…” Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of air as he softly mumbled in his heart, “I can only use the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’...”

As the sigh fell, Xiao Yan conveyed his intention. The liquid energy around the vortex, which was like a tiny lake revolving around the ‘Acceptance Spirit’ at the middle, began to swiftly rotate. Numerous wisps of green-colored flame shot out and under Xiao Yan’s control, began violently pouncing on the three-colored energy...

The moment the two came into contact, the three-colored energy became like a pot of boiling oil as it suddenly began to surge...

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