Chapter 330: Consuming the Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill

Chapter 330: Consuming the Three-Lines Green Spirit Pill

The morning of the next day, warm light poured in from the gap between the windows and a tiny white-colored ray of light spread out on the room’s floor. The ray of light slowly stretched out, before it finally climbed onto the bed and shone upon the face of the young man who was sitting cross-legged on it.

Sensing the warm feeling of the outside world, the quiet face of the youth moved slightly. A moment later, his eyes, which were tightly shut, gradually opened, revealing a pair of dark, calm, and indifferent black pupils.

Xiao Yan twisted his body for a moment, before leaping down from the bed in a supple manner. He opened the door, only to be surprised at the empty private room beyond. It was likely that Hai Bodong had left because he had something to do. However, this might be better as Xiao Yan could avoid being disturbed.

After carelessly washing up in the private room, Xiao Yan flipped the green and red-colored sign by the door such that the red surfaced faced out, indicating that he did not want to be disturbed.

Once he had finished all of his preparations, Xiao Yan felt assured and returned to the room. He opened the window, allowing the warm morning sunlight to scatter on his body. This...

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