Chapter 327: Obtaining the Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva (Teaser)

Chapter 327: Obtaining the Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva

Xiao Yan slowly walked out of the Alchemist Association under the numerous gazes that all contained various meanings to them. He stood at the main entrance and watched the sky which was gradually becoming dark. His mind was a little blank as he did so. With the end of the Grand Meeting, his entire body had suddenly felt much more relaxed. Only without the pressure to absolutely take the champion spot could he truly sigh in relief.

“Ah, this thing really consumes too much of one’s spirit…” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. If it were not for Queen Medusa saying that sentence back then, Xiao Yan would not be willing to desperately perform such tiring work and participate in this Grand Meeting.

As he recalled Queen Medusa’s warning, Xiao Yan’s palm could not help but quietly touch the Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python that was twined around his arm while it was fast asleep. He did not know if it was because of Queen Medusa growing increasingly stronger, but the current python frequently descended into a deep slumber. Occasionally, while Xiao Yan was training, his keen senses would occasionally sense that there were two spirits which were suppressing and fighting...

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