Chapter 326: Obtaining the Reward

Chapter 326: Obtaining the Reward

As Xiao Yan walked out of the corridor, he coincidentally met Ao Tuo’s group who had been waiting for a while. The few of them smiled and chatted a little. During this time, Xue Mei injected a few sentences and the gaze that she used to looked at Xiao Yan was a little strange. Lin Fei, on the other hand was stammering and did not dare speak much. Each time Xiao Yan shot his gaze over, her face would flush. The performance of Xiao Yan a while ago had shocked this energetic girl once over. The original idol in her heart, Liu Ling, was quietly kicked aside. Replacing him was the quiet and thin young man’s back.

Not long after Xiao Yan conversed with Xue Mei and the others, Ao Tuo forcefully ended their conversation. After which, he led Xiao Yan out of the plaza and swiftly returned to the association. He arranged a quiet room for Xiao Yan, allowing the latter to adjust his condition first. This was because the pale complexion of Xiao Yan was weak to the point of frightening people.

Xiao Yan eyed the room’s door which had been closed and could only helplessly shake his head. He eyed his hand which contained a green colored medicinal pill which Ao Tuo had...

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