Chapter 324: Evaluation

Chapter 324: Evaluation

Other than Xiao Yan’s somewhat weak yet bright laughter, the entire huge open ground did not have any other noise. Anyone who had heard of the name ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’ stared at the young man in the competition ground with stunned expressions. Who would have expected that this young man with such an ordinary appearance was actually able to rely on his own ability and at the very last moment, snatch back the champion spot which was about to fall into another country’s hands.

“Heavens. He was actually refining the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’. No wonder he needed to change the flame a few times.” The Little Princess involuntarily covered her mouth with her delicate hand. Her voice was filled with a shock that was difficult to hide. As an alchemist, she had a clearer understanding than the audience about just how terrifyingly difficult it was to refine and how terribly high the chances of failure were.

“This fellow was actually hiding a third type of flame?” The corner of Liu Ling’s mouth twitched. His eyes were filled with an astonishment that was difficult to hide. In order to refine a ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’, one needed three different types of flames. However, the flames which Xiao Yan had used earlier were merely the...

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