Chapter 322: Cauldron Explosion

Chapter 322: Cauldron Explosion

Following Xiao Yan’s soft mutter, the dark black ring on Xiao Yan’s finger was quiet for a moment before it suddenly trembled gently a moment later. A faint icy cold feeling began to shroud the tip of Xiao Yan’s finger, causing the joint of his fingers to become slightly white.

The Purple Flame within the medicinal cauldron appeared to have sensed something and it actually began to dance around uneasily. It was fortunate, however, that there was the absolute suppression from Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength. Therefore, its uneasy movement did not cause any problems.

At that moment Yan Li’s unrestrained laughter on the open ground gradually weakened, these gazes which were thrown on the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ were once again shot toward the direction where Xiao Yan was at. Currently there was only him still refining on the entire stage. The remaining alchemists had all either chosen to admit defeat or had long since withdrawn from the competition. After all, in front of the peak tier four medicinal pill that Yan Li had refined, they did not have the ability to oppose fate and make a comeback with a result that would shock everyone.

Yan Li ceased his tossing of the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ in his palm. He crossed both of his...

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