Chapter 321: Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill

Chapter 321: Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill

The Purple Flame abruptly poured into the medicinal cauldron. At this moment, Xiao Yan’s expression had turned extremely serious as he swiftly pressed his hands over the cauldron’s flame outlet. His Spiritual Strength surged forth without being held back. The current him must be able to perfectly control the change between the two kinds of flames. Otherwise, something similar to his failure the last time around would once again appear.

If Xiao Yan were to fail once again during the less than an hour remaining, there would be no miracle and the result would be Yan Li becoming the champion.

n Xiao Yan’s forehead, concentrated cold sweat gradually appeared. After which, the sweat rolled down, dripping into his dark eyes which were wide open. Xiao Yan, however, did not dare to blink despite the sour feeling.

The Spiritual Strength that poured out without any reservations was like a floodgate that had been lifted. The rolling waves like the flow of a river howled as they flooded the medicinal cauldron. Under the suppression and guide of Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength, the green colored flame from earlier did not come into the slightest contact with the purple colored flame. Additionally, even the heat contained within the flame was also wrapped and isolated by Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength.

Within the medicinal cauldron, the situation had turned into something like two groups standing opposite each other with a river between them. The green and purple flames each took one side while the Spiritual Strength formed a river in the middle where the green colored medicinal pill was still slowly spinning. If the flames’ temperatures were to exceed the suppression of his Spiritual Strength, it would causing a collision between them. Even if the force created was not too strong, it would be more than sufficient to destroy this weak medicinal pill which had yet to be formed. Xiao Yan’s failure the last time was due to this reason.

Using the lesson he had learned from the last time, the current Xiao Yan split his concentration into three portions. One was used to suppress the Purple Flame and another was used to lead the Green Flame to withdraw from the other fire outlet. The most important of the three was used to maintain the appropriate temperature between the two opposing flames in order to keep the heat grilling the medicinal pill as needed. Otherwise, the refinement would end up in failure.

Splitting his concentration into three; if Xiao Yan’s condition had not become spectacularly good after the odd state he went into earlier, the current Xiao Yan would be unable to complete this kind of operation that would be extremely tricky to even a tier five alchemist. Of course, even if he could barely succeed, the perspiration repeatedly rolling down his face was but only the impact on the surface. This kind of controlling method was extremely exhausting on one’s Spiritual Strength.

“Withdraw!” The standoff was maintained for ten seconds within the medicinal cauldron before Xiao Yan’s hand abruptly shook on the surface of the medicinal cauldron. Following a clear sound, the green flame within the medicinal cauldron completely moved along the flame outlet and was whisked out.

Xiao Yan did not have the leisure to control the green colored flame that had escaped. At the moment when the green flame withdrew, the purple colored flame, which had been waiting for a long time immediately pounced wildly onto the medicinal pill like a violent tiger that had descended from the mountains.

“Suppress! Suppress! Suppress, damnit. I want you to fall!” Xiao Yan’s pupils stared intently at the purple colored flame that had pounced onto the medicinal pill. Blood stains even surfaced in his eyes at this moment. His heart was a little crazy as he repeatedly cried out in a soft and hysterical manner. At the same time, his Spiritual Strength was crazily suppressing the Purple Flame’s temperature.

The first step after the change of the flame was to suppress the new flame’s temperature, maintaining the same temperature as the flame that had left earlier. Otherwise, the sudden increase or decrease in heat energy would only result in one ending, failure.

This was something that particularly tested an alchemist's control over the flame’s temperature. Even the slightest mistake would result in a tragic end.

Under waves after waves of the suppression by the Spiritual Strength,the temperature of the Purple Flame continued to descend wildly as it covered the mere twenty plus centimeters from the medicinal pill.

As the Purple Flame eventually descended to the required temperature, the flame finally came into contact with the repeatedly rolling green colored medicinal pill. Immediately, the Purple Flame submerged the pill within it.

“What is he trying to do?” All the gazes within the place were dazed and confused as they watched the panting Xiao Yan, whose head was completely covered in perspiration. Was the medicinal pill not already successfully refined?

“What exactly is this fellow refining? He actually needs to change the flame? This is something that even Teacher is not confident of!” The delicate hand of the Little Princess patted her chest. Earlier, the red-eyed and green-faced manner of Xiao Yan was really somewhat shocking. Looking at the situation now, however, it was fortunate that the most dangerous moment was already successfully overcome.

“I don’t know what he is refining, but I think that the tier of the medicinal pill will definitely not be lower than ours.” Liu Ling’s face was somewhat flushed red. When he recovered, he realized that he had actually forgotten to breathe when he was watching Xiao Yan’s soul-stirring change of flame.

“Hu. He has succeeded.” On the high platform, Fa Ma, whose heart had been raised to his throat, finally exhaled a long breath at this moment. From his senses, he could tell that the flame within Xiao Yan’s medicinal cauldron had completely calmed down and did not even show any signs of revolt as it did the last time. Based on this situation, Xiao Yan was not far from successfully refining a ‘Two-Line Green Spirit Pill’.

“His potential is really very terrifying. He may have succeeded because of the current wondrously great condition he is in, but the talent needed to swiftly grasp the trick with the changing of flame after just one failed attempt is really extremely shocking.” Fa Ma watched the wildly panting young man who was supporting himself on the stone table with one hand while the other was controlling the flame. He suddenly turned his head, stared at Hai Bodong and said with a smile, “If this fellow were given enough time, I think that his achievement would far surpass us old fellows. It has been a very long time since the Jia Ma Empire produced an epic level strong person who could shake the continent.”

“I have never doubted him.” Hai Bodong smiled and waved his head. His knowledge of Xiao Yan far surpassed that of Fa Ma’s. This fellow could create the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ that could seriously injure a Dou Huang. What else could he not do?

Moreover, Hai Bodong would never forget that under the disguise of this ordinary looking young man was actually a youth that was not even twenty years old.

“Next, we should just quietly wait.” Fa Ma’s gaze drifted toward Yan Li, who was focused on refining the medicinal pill. A worry still existed between his eyebrows. Even though Xiao Yan had refined a ‘Green Spirit Pill’ that had two lines, there was still some unknown risk if he wanted to beat that medicinal pill of Yan Li, which the exact details of it were currently unknown. However, he currently knew that Xiao Yan had really put in all his effort. Therefore, he could only listen to the fates.

“Not only did he not sink under such a setback, but instead he managed to search for a break through from such a hopeless situation. What a terrifying mental strength. Given time, this fellow will definitely shine.” Nalan Jie fondled his beard gently. He eyed Xiao Yan who had become stronger and spoke softly with a sigh. Each time when others thought he had reached the limit, Xiao Yan would give everyone a huge shock.

“He is indeed very strong.” Nalan Yanran nodded her head slightly. In so many years, it was the first time that she felt an admiration for someone of her age group. She knew that if she ended up such a situation, she definitely would not become dispirited. However, if she wanted to go all out and gain a breakthrough under that kind of situation where her entire body and spirit were emitting a powerless feeling, there was only one word to describe it: Difficult.

Nalan Yanran’s bright eyes swept at the young man who was supporting himself on the stone table. Although he was currently panting wildly, his waist remained very straight like a pillar that would not collapse. Nalan Yanran’s pupils which were faint like autumn water suddenly and quietly gained something.

On the open ground, Yan Li’s expression was serious as he stood in front of the stone table. His gaze was staring intently at the medicinal cauldron. The earlier commotion from Xiao Yan’s direction did not escape his notice. Although he was shocked at the way Xiao Yan changed the flame, he did not feel anything else. He did not know what kind of medicinal pill Xiao Yan was trying to refine by changing flames, but he had absolute confidence with the medicinal pill that he was refining!

“Regardless of how you struggle, the champion spot is mine! You are not allowed to fail. Similarly, I cannot fail!” Yan Li abruptly clenched his fist tightly as he cried softly within his heart. This time around, he had risked his life to arrive at the Jia Ma Empire by himself. As long as he was able to become champion and give a huge blow to the reputation of the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Association, the position of the chairman of his country’s association would opened its arms for him once he returned. When that time comes, his position within the Chu Yun Empire would rise steeply!”

“Everything is for power! Come out, my masterpiece!”

Yan Li’s palm abruptly slapped onto the medicinal cauldron as he suddenly raised his head and let out a roar. The cauldron’s cover flew up and a large cluster of dark black flame swarmed out in all directions from within the medicinal cauldron. In the middle of the dark black flame, a purple colored glow shot forth. In an instant, it caused that black colored flame to be riddled with holes.

Following the glow that was shot out, a rich purple colored pill fragrance slowly rose. Finally, it acted like a fog with a spirit, forming a purple colored cloud in the space above Yan Li’s head.

“What a dense colored medicinal fragrance.” As they eyed the purple colored pill fragrance which was sufficient enough to cover the entire rock table, the corner of the mouths of all the alchemists on the open ground twitched as they muttered.

After watching the purple colored pill fragrance with gloomy expressions, Little Princess and Liu Ling exchanged glances. Their eyes had an uneasiness. Seeing the degree of richness of the pill fragrance, the medicinal pill that Yan Li had refined was definitely among the peak of the tier four medicinal pills. Currently, it appeared extremely difficult for Yan Xiao to defeat him.

“Ha ha, ha ha!” The black flame in mid air was slowly extinguished. A purple colored medicinal pill the size of a dragon’s eye was rotating as it appeared under countless gazes. Yan Li beckoned with his hand and the purple colored medicinal pill flew into his palm. As he held the medicinal pill, he finally could not resist emitting a wild laughter.

“Ha ha, the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ is finally successfully refined. This is a medicinal pill that is comparable to a tier five medicinal pill. How will any of you compete with me? Ha ha.”

Yan Li’s wild laughter reverberated through the air of the open ground causing the two sides of the VIP seats to immediately descend into a momentary silence. After a while, numerous gazes which had quickly become heated stared intently at the purple colored medicinal pill in Yan Li’s hand.

“‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’, a peak tier four medicinal pill. It is similar to the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’. This also belonged to the class of medicinal pills that are able to directly raise people’s strength. However, its effect is only useful at the Da Dou Shi class. If anyone belonging to this class consumed the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’, it would let the person raise his strength by one star. Additionally and most importantly, a person could take two such medicinal pills one after another when in the same class without producing too much of a resistance to the medicinal pill. In other words, as long as one is able to collect two ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’, one would be able to steadily raise one’s strength by two stars.” On the high platform, Fa Ma narrowed his eyes as he spoke in a soft and slow manner, describing this medicinal pill which had quite a high reputation in the alchemist world.

“How unexpected. I did not think that this Yan Li would actually have such boldness. The chances of failure when refining the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ would not be much less than the ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’. However, he actually really dared to refine it on such an occasion. He should know that if he were to fail, he would definitely not be able to walk out of the Jia Ma Empire.” Fa Ma shook his head and softly sighed. At this point, his heart was like dying embers. This was because even if Xiao Yan were to successfully refine a ‘Green Spirit Pill’ that possessed two lines, it would be difficult to compare with the ‘‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ that Yan Li had.

Although a ‘Two-Line Green Spirit Pill’ could also help raise the strength of the person consuming it by two stars, there was some chances of a backlash. This was sufficient to deter many people from taking it. Therefore, if one were to choose between the two medicinal pills, many people would choose the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’ and not the ‘Two-Line Green Spirit Pill’.


As he thought of that possibility, Fa Ma suddenly mocked himself and shook his head. When Hai Bodong by the side saw the way the former acted, he frowned slightly and inquired, “Unless what?”

Fa Ma let out a long sigh. He raised his eyes and glanced at Hai Bodong, “Unless Yan Xiao is able to refine the highest grade ‘Three-Line Green Spirit Pill’. In other words, it means that he must take out the third type of flame!”

“But can a person possess three types of flames?” Fa Ma’s heart was filled with bitterness as he muttered.

“Three type of flames, huh…” Hai Bodong softly mumbled as he raised his head and sighed. The abruptly cold and hot thick white flame that he had seen Xiao Yan had used back then gradually appeared in his mind. He clearly remembered that the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ back then was created by the merger of a green colored ‘Heavenly Flame’ and a thick white ‘Heavenly Flame’. In other words, there was actually a ‘Heavenly Flame’ more terrifying that that green colored flame which he had yet to display, hidden in Xiao Yan’s body.

“Perhaps this is not entirely hopeless.” Hai Bodong shrugged his shoulders, eyed the young man in the open ground and softly spoke.

Fa Ma bitterly shook his head, treating Hai Bodong’s words as an attempt to comfort him.

In the open ground, Xiao Yan stared at the purple colored round and sleek medicinal pill. Currently, a green and a purple Pill-Line had already appeared. Conversely, it meant that he had already successfully refined a ‘Two-Line Green Spirit Pill’.

“So it’s the ‘Purple Heart Barrier Breaking Pill’.” Xiao Yan slowly turned his head over and watched Yan Li who was wildly laughing. He was able to sense the gazes of Little Princess and the others shooting at him. It appeared that they thought that Xiao Yan no longer had a chance.

“Ah, damn Grand Meeting, it really frustrates people.” Xiao Yan sighed softly as his eyes stared at the purple colored flame within the cauldron. Suddenly, his mind became black. A long while later, he finally gently rubbed the dark black ancient looking ring on his left hand. Inside it, there was the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ that Yan Lao had stored before he descended into a slumber”

“Teacher, sorry to disturb you.” Xiao Yan slowly bowed. After which, he straightened his waist. The finger which Xiao Yan wore the black colored ring on was gently placed over the flame outlet of the cauldron. He closed his eyes slightly and softly muttered, “Come forth, ‘Bone Chilling Flame’.”

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