Chapter 318: Failure

Chapter 318: Failure

The strange scene that had suddenly appeared on the open ground was also out of Xiao Yan’s expectations. He eyed the numerous stunned gazes that were shot toward him and could only helplessly shrug his shoulders. With a shake of his hand, he threw the green colored flame into the medicinal cauldron. Only at this point did the flames in the competitor's hands return to normal.

“This fellow.” The Little Princess softly mumbled. She was a little depressed. Having never witnessed the strength of a ‘Heavenly Flame’, she had always thought that her ‘Dry Blue Water Flame’ was not much weaker than it. However, with the supernatural display of her flame just now, any observant person would be able to tell on sight that it was far beneath the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Otherwise, it would not display this kind of subservient manner.

Compared to the Little Princess dispiritedness, Liu Ling’s face was slightly ugly. The brown colored flame was something that his teacher had invited numerous strong people in order to obtain from a rank five Magical Beast’s body, which was similar to a human of a Dou Wang class. It was really unexpected that before it gained any limelight after being displayed today, it actually saluted another person’s flame. This really caused him to be speechless.

“Humph. What is the use of having a good flame? If one is unable to control it, one would only end up incinerating himself by playing with fire.” Yan Li let out a soft cold laugher as he placed the black colored flame on his hand into the cauldron.

As the strange phenomenon disappeared on the open ground, all the competitors also gradually pulled back their...

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