Chapter 317: Each Revealing Their Abilities

Chapter 317: Each Revealing Their Abilities

Fa Ma pressed his hands together as his gaze slowly swept across the entire open ground. The deafening noise was gradually reduced as he did so. A vigor-filled loud voice echoed throughout the entire open ground for a long time.

“The association will no longer give any help to the participants during the third round of the competition. You will each have to rely on yourself for everything including the medicinal formula, medicinal ingredients, etc. In other words, you must successfully refine a type of medicinal pill within your ability during the time that has been allocated. The final victor will naturally be the one whose medical pill is the highest tier along with being the most useful.”

When the competitors in the open ground heard the clear voice that sounded by their ears, most of them were stunned by the unexpected examination prompt. A long while later, there were some competitors whose faces were among the first to become pale. Clearly, these people did not prepare any suitable medicinal formulas or sufficient medicinal ingredients. For such an examination prompt, the result of failing to meet these two requirements was very obvious. Their chances of failure would increase greatly.

Although Xiao Yan had already known the examination problem beforehand, he still put...

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