Chapter 316: The Final Round: Begin!

Chapter 316: The Final Round: Begin!

When the sky had just become bright the next day, this flourishing city appeared like a huge machine controlled by a clock as it began to function in an orderly manner. The human flow that passed through the city’s streets were the best attestments to the power of this large machine.

The place within the city which was most crowded and lively today was without a question the huge Imperial family’s square. After yesterday’s competition had been spread around by the audience, there was an increasing number of people whose minds were attracted by the news of this soul-stirring pill refining competition. Therefore, the area outside the Imperial family square was already filled with people even though it was still quite early. The dark mass of human head extended until the edge of one’s sight.

As time elapsed, a morning ray from the horizon broke through the restraining layer of clouds and shone on the huge city. The closed main doors of the Imperial Family Square were slowly opened as the sun rose. Immediately, the black mass of people outside began flooding in like the tides.

Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong were stunned when they arrived at the open ground and eyed...

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