Chapter 315: Three Lines Green Spirit Pill

Chapter 315: Three Lines Green Spirit Pill

“‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’, a tier four medicinal pill. A normal ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ is able to help a Dou Shi break through and enter the Da Dou Shi class. If a Da Dou Shi were to consume it, it has a somewhat low chance of raising the strength of the person consuming it by one star and there are no negative medicinal effects.”

“The ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ is divided into three different grades. Each grade would result in an extra circular Pill Line forming on its body. If it is able to form three circular Pill Lines, it means that it is the highest grade of the ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’. Those below the Da Dou Shi class should use these medicinal pills of the highest grade with caution! If a Da Dou Shi were to consume this pill, he would have some chances of raising his strength by three stars in a short amount of time. At the same time, there is also a certain chance of the medicinal effect backfiring. The strength of those who receive the backlash may decline one or even two stars. However, their lives would not be endangered.”

“In order to refine the ‘Three Lines Green Medicinal Pill’ to the highest tier, one would need three different flames. Moreover, one must reach the pinnacle stage for changing between the three different flames. Otherwise, the chances of failure are extremely high. Those who have yet to meet the requirements should act cautiously.”

“A Da Dou Shi has only one chance of consuming the ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ while he is within this class. If he were to consume it at another time, he would end up wasting his effort and the medicine because of his resistance to the medicine after taking it the first time. If one were to be promoted to a Dou Ling in the future, one can still consume it another time. However, even if one were to succeed consuming once again, it would at most help raise one’s strength by two stars. Moreover, the chances of failure will also increase by a few folds.”

“The ingredients needed to refine the ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill: Green Flame Grass, Black Sky Flax.”

Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept across the information recorded on the scroll. He could not help but swallow his saliva. It was common knowledge that the most valuable medicinal pills were naturally those kinds that could directly raise the strength of the person consuming it. Back then, the ‘Qi Gathering Pill’ that could only cause a person to overcome the obstacle of agglomerating one’s vortex had already caused the few elders of the Xiao clan to have a great yearning for it. From this, one could see the extent of how valuable a medicinal pill like this was.

The ‘Qi Gathering Pill’, however, merely belonged to the category of the lowest quality. Currently, the ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ that Xiao Yan was holding in his hand, was the formula to a valuable medicinal pill that could truly cause countless of Da Dou Shi and Dou Ling class strong people to covet it until they became crazy.

A high tier ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ has some chances of raising a Da Dou Shi’s strength by around three stars. Just thinking about it. A Da Dou Shi whose training talent was quite good would have difficulty doing this unless he had one to two years of time, assuming that he simply relied on himself to train and did not have any strange encounters.

That one to two years time could now be completely resolved by simply just consuming this one small little medicinal pill. One could imagine the extent to which this small little thing would cause those strong people of the Da Dou Shi class to descend into a frenzy.

Xiao Yan’s hands held thedark black scroll tightly. He forcefully resisted the impulse to immediately use his spiritual strength to scan the refining information that was contained within it. Instead, he raised his head and eyed the smiling Fa Ma. His eyes could not hide his own yearning and fondness of this thing.

“You like it, right?” Fa Ma could not help but ask with a smile when he saw Xiao Yan’s expression.

“Yes, yes!” Xiao Yan repeatedly nodded his head.

“If this medicinal formula was to be placed in the market, I think that there would be quite a number of people who would willingly use a high Xuan class Qi Method or even a Di class Dou Technique to exchange for it.” Fa Ma smiled and said.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan nodded his head. This ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ was definitely worth such a price.

“This ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ is a treasure that our association has kept within our collection for a long time. The one that you hold in your hand is only a copy of it. However, just copying the formula consumed five years of my time. Within the association, the only copy other than the original medicinal formula is the one in your hands.” Fa Ma said, “As this is a carbon copy, it can only be read once. After one completely reads it, the remaining Spiritual Strength contained in it will completely wear off.”

“Oh.” Hearing this, Xiao Yan felt a little relieved. If there was merely one copy of this expensive thing, it was likely that Fa Ma would not be willing to take it out.

“This ‘Three Line Green Spirit Pill’ could be considered to be among the most outstanding formulas among the tier four medicinal formula. If you are able to successfully refine it tomorrow, I think that you should be able to surpass everyone.” Fa Ma smiled and said, “Yan Li’s ability may be quite good, but he is disadvantaged in not knowing what the examination problem tomorrow. Therefore, as long as you are able to successfully refine it, your chances of becoming the victor will be very big.”

“That’s right.” Fa Ma paused slightly as he watched Xiao Yan seriously. In a deep voice, he said, “Do you have confidence in successfully refining it? This ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ imposes an extremely stringent flame control ability. If one was even a little less cautious, he would definitely fail!”

Xiao Yan pursed up his lips as his palm slowly rubbed against the dark colored scroll. That comfortable feeling caused him to be reluctant to move aside. A long while later, he finally raised his head from his deep silence and seriously said, “If I say that I will definitely successfully refine it, I think that you would only treat it as a joke. There is no definite success when refining medicinal pill. All I can say is that if you choose me from the few of us to refine it, my chances of success would be the highest!”

“How high?” Fa Ma softly inquired.

“Not even fifty percent.” Xiao Yan spread his hands and honestly said. With his current ability, he was extremely strained when refining a tier four medicinal pill. If it were not for Fa Ma saying that this medicinal pill tested one’s flame control ability greatly, Xiao Yan would really not dare to make any promise. After all, with his current ability, he may not be good at any other thing, but he definitely had confidence in himself in his control over the ‘Underground Green Lotus Flame.’

“Ugh, it’s not very high.” Sighing, Fa Ma smiled bitterly as he shook his head. He continued after rubbing his temples, “Indeed, among all the candidates, only you, Liu Ling or Yue Er has the chance of contending with Yan Li. However, among the three, I look most favorable upon you which is why I am helping you today.”

Xiao Yan silently nodded his head. He placed the dark black scroll gently on the table, stared at Fa Ma and said, “The chances of success that I have mentioned is already my limit. It’s really up to Old Fa to choose based on what you think is best.”

“You are willing to part with it?” Fa Ma stared at Xiao Yan before smiling as he asked.

“Of course I am unwilling. However, if old Fa is not willing to give it, would or rather, can I forcefully take it?” Xiao Yan smiled and said in a joking manner.

Fa Ma was quiet. His shrivelled finger knocked on the table surface, emitting a soft “Dou, Dou” sound which appeared in this quiet and vast room with a rhythm.

“Ah.” After the silence continued for a long while, Fa Ma suddenly sighed softly. He extended his hand and slowly took back the black colored scroll in front of Xiao Yan’s eyes which were somewhat disappointed.

The black colored scroll rotated in Fa Ma’s palm while his turbid eyes were narrowed. A long while later, the rotation abruptly stopped. He suddenly stood up, held the scroll in his hand and sent it toward the front of Xiao Yan. Seeing the strange gaze of the latter, Fa Ma could only give a bitter smile and say, “At such a time, I don’t have too much time to go and search for someone more outstanding than you. you are a lucky fellow.”

“Therefore, it belongs to you.”

Xiao Yan was momentarily at a loss. Immediately, a smile surfaced on his face. He extended both his hands to receive the scroll and fondled it admiringly for a while. After which, he spoke to Fa Ma seriously, “I will do my best!”

Fa Ma smiled and rubbed his eyes. He then sighed, “Little fellow. This time around, I have placed all my hopes on you. You better not disappoint me.”

“You should stop adding more pressure to me. In any case, I will put in all my effort. Who can start determining what the results will be like now?” With such a large burden pressing down on him, Xiao Yan's face, which was originally full of smiles, immediately became much more bitter.

“Ke ke, alright.” Fa Ma smiled and nodded before reminding, “You should use your Spiritual Strength to read it here. This thing is far too valuable. If some minor accident were to happen on your way back, that would really cause people to…”

“Yes.” Xiao Yan nodded his head and once again gradually opened the scroll. He closed his eyes slightly and his Spiritual Strength spread out from his eyebrows. Finally, it penetrated into the scroll and swiftly remembered the numerous and complicated information stored within.

As he eyed Xiao Yan, who had his eyes closed as the latter was memorizing the content, Fa Ma nodded slightly. He stood up, walked out of the room and called a guard, ordering him to go to the warehouse to get the medicinal ingredients needed to refine the ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’.”

When Xiao Yan finally pulled back his Spiritual Strength from the scroll, his head was suddenly a little giddy. It was the first time that he had come into contact with a tier four medicinal formula. The large amount of information was really so complex that it exceeded Xiao Yan’s expectations. No wonder that even with someone of Fa Ma’s ability it still required quite a few years in order to make a copy of it.

As Xiao Yan opened his eyes, the dark black scroll in his hands had quietly turned into a pile of black colored powder. He patted his hands and raised his head, only to realize that the originally neat and tidy table in front of him was now filled with piles of medicinal ingredients. The extent of the preservation of these medicinal ingredients was extremely perfect. There were even some that still had fresh dew on them.

“Here are three portions of the medicinal ingredients needed to refine the ‘Three Lines Green Lotus Pill’. It is not that I don’t want to give more but in this kind of competition, the time should be almost up if you were to fail all three times. In that kind of scenario, it would be altogether more straight-forward to admit defeat.” Fa Ma pointed to the medicinal ingredients on the table and smiled as he spoke.

Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly and carefully placed all the medicinal ingredients of the table surface into his storage ring. He finally sighed in relief once the things were completely stored.

“I can only do so much. We will have to rely on you tomorrow.” Fa Ma patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders and smiled as he replied.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head heavily. He then repeated to Fa Ma, “Be rest assured that I will put in all my effort!”

“Then I hope that you will be able to obtain good results. Additionally, if there is an opportunity in the future, can you let me see your true appearance.” Fa Ma laughed softly.

With a slightly stiffened smile, Xiao Yan nodded his head. “There will be an opportunity.”

“Alright, it’s already quite late. Old Fa, I will take my leave first. I’ll meet you at the Grand Meeting tomorrow.” Not wanting to continue getting entangled with this topic, Xiao Yan cupped his hands together toward Fa Ma, turned around and slowly walked out of the main door.

As he eyed Xiao Yan’s gradually disappearing back, Fa Ma sighed and softly said, “Little Fellow, I hope that you can be victorious. Otherwise, I will suffer a costly loss.”

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