Chapter 315: Three Lines Green Spirit Pill

Chapter 315: Three Lines Green Spirit Pill

“‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’, a tier four medicinal pill. A normal ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ is able to help a Dou Shi break through and enter the Da Dou Shi class. If a Da Dou Shi were to consume it, it has a somewhat low chance of raising the strength of the person consuming it by one star and there are no negative medicinal effects.”

“The ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’ is divided into three different grades. Each grade would result in an extra circular Pill Line forming on its body. If it is able to form three circular Pill Lines, it means that it is the highest grade of the ‘Three Lines Green Spirit Pill’. Those below the Da Dou Shi class should use these medicinal pills of the highest grade with caution! If a Da Dou Shi were to consume this pill, he would have some chances of raising his strength by three stars in a short amount of time. At the same time, there is also a certain chance of the medicinal effect backfiring. The strength of those who receive the backlash may decline one or even two stars. However, their lives would not be endangered.”

“In order to refine the ‘Three Lines Green Medicinal Pill’ to the highest tier, one would need three different flames. Moreover, one must...

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