Chapter 314: Windfall (Teaser)

Chapter 314: Windfall

Four shadows quietly flashed under the night sky, shrouded in silence.

“Hei, Old Man Fa, we have wasted an entire night. Now you want to just leave empty handed?” Hai Bo Dong finally could not resist opening his mouth to speak as his toes pressed gently against the rooftops.

On one side, Jia Lao also nodded his head. With his character, he would naturally not leave empty handed.

“In what way is this empty handed? Don’t we already know the true identity of that fellow? Now, we at least have some foundation in our hearts.” Clearly knowing Hai Bo Dong’s and Jia Lao’s bad mood, Fa Ma could only helplessly shake his head as he replied.

“What use is there to just know? Won’t he still participate in the competition tomorrow? With that ability of his and his many years of experience refining pills, becoming the champion will not be very hard for him.” Jia Lao knit his eyebrows together as he said.

“Ke ke, don’t we still have Yan Xiao and the two other little fellows? Who among the three of them doesn’t have some trump cards? There might be something unexpected that will happen tomorrow.” Fa Ma glanced at Xiao Yan behind him before saying with a smile.

“You stop pretending to be muddled. Yan Xiao and the other two little fellows may have quite great talent,...

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