Chapter 313: Yan Li

Chapter 313: Yan Li

“Tsk tsk. So it’s him.” Fa Ma suddenly laughed softly and coldly.

“Old Fa, do you recognize him?” Haring Fa Ma’s words, Xiao Yan softly inquired.

“Hee hee, I recognize him as the deputy chairman of the Chu Yun Empire’s Alchemist Association. His name seems to be called Yan Li. Back then, I met with him once. This fellow has quite a great reputation within the Chu Yun Empire. Additionally, this fellow is a great advocate for alchemists and ‘Poison Masters’ integrating together. Due to this, he has the trust of the poison masters in the Chu Yun Empire. Therefore, he is a very strong successor to become the next Chu Yun Empire’s Alchemist Association chairman.” Fa Ma said.

“It is just that I did not expect this fellow would actually dare to come to the Jia Ma Empire alone. It really is a case of skilled people tending to be really bold.” Fa Ma smiled faintly and said.

“What do we do next?” Hai Bo Dong carelessly asked.

“Let’s wait and see first.” Fa Ma mused for a moment before indicating for the few of them to wait patiently and not be rash.

Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly and ceased speaking. He then lowered it and focused his gaze on the large man within the room. At the moment, his heart had also quietly sighed in relief. It was fortunate that this fellow was not someone who was only seventeen. Looking at his appearance, he was likely at least thirty seven years old. Although such a talent could be considered outstanding, the level of his potential that Xiao Yan recognized in his heart had suddenly descended by quite a few times compared to before.

As the gray robed person within the room turned from a tender young man into a middle aged large person, a forceful Qi had also came splashing out of his body. That force was strong and it actually faintly had some of the greatness of a Dou Wang class strong person. It was likely that this middle aged large man’s level was at least around a seven star Dou Ling.

“Hu, it is somewhat more comfortable to return to my original appearance. At the very least, I can unleash the full 100% of my ability.” The middle aged man smiled with satisfaction and said faintly as he sensed the surging force circulating within his body.

As his hand touched his face, the middle aged man seemed to have recalled something. He suddenly walked quickly toward the side of the bed. From behind the bed curtains, he found a black thread and he gently pulled it.

When Xiao Yan, who was on the roof, saw the large middle-aged man pulled the black thread, his expression changed slightly. He abruptly moved his sight and his gaze stared intently at the bells which had been shocked to powder by Jia Lao earlier. At that spot, the black thread suddenly moved. Not only did the bells fail to ring, but the black thread was also pulled down.

“Dammit!” As Xiao Yan muttered in his heart, the room was quiet for an instant before a stern cry suddenly sounded, “Who is above?”

“Do it.” Hearing the cry, Jia Lao laughed coldly. He waved his hand and his body abruptly disappeared. That terrifying speed caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to narrow.

Following behind Jia Lao, Hai Bo Dong’s and Fa Ma’s bodies had also instantly transformed in a gentle breeze and disappeared from the roof.

Within the room, the large middle-aged man eyed the edge of the black thread which was empty. He was momentarily at a loss before he quickly let out a stern cry. At the same time he did so, his feet abruptly stepped on the ground and his body turned into a violent wind that shot toward the window.

Just as he was only a couple of meters from the window, the middle-aged large man’s face changed abruptly. His body, which was rushing forward, suddenly came to a stop. His palm violently slammed onto the pillar by the side, borrowing the reverse force to instantly move his body a few meters.

“Bang!” At this moment, the window suddenly burst apart. It contained an overbearing breath and underlying strength shot in from the spot where the window was at and smashed on the huge pillar in the room. Immediately, numerous crack lines began to spread on the pillar like a spider web.

“Who is it?” As he eyed the pillar that was covered with crack lines, the large man’s eyes narrowed and cried out fiercely.

Ignoring the cry, a shadow flashed, rushed through the window and entered the room. As the shadow’s sleeves were waved, a violent voice, accompanied by a sonic boom that was like a muffled thunder, came sweeping through the room. Under this muffled thunder, the glass things within the room abruptly burst apart.

The large man had a dark expression as he watched the blurry looking human figure, who had come rushing in. He held his right hand straight and a dark yellow colored flame rose from his palm. His right hand trembled slightly, turned into a hand knife shape, and ruthlessly hacked at the person who had just came in.

“Humph!” Seeing that the large man had overestimated his own abilities and had actually wanted to stubbornly resist, the human shadow could not help but let out a mocking cold laugh. His eagle claw like hand was abruptly extended. Within the air, circles of overbearing forceful ripples gradually spread out from around his palm. The sound of the sonic boom shocked both the ears of the large man causing his ears rang.

The eagle claw and the large man’s hand knife came into contact in an instant. After which, they instantly separated. At the moment when they did so, a flush abruptly surged on the large man’s face. He could not resist spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood. His feet dragged against the ground, leaving a deep scar.

“Fa Ma, I know that it’s you guys! Since I, Yan Li, dared to come to the capital, I am not afraid that you would kill me. However, after you kill me, your alchemist association will also be finished!” After wiping the blood trance from the corner of his mouth, the large man saw that the human figure had wanted to launch a ferocious attack, but instead could only cry out with a sinister expression.

The stern cry of the large man caused the human figure’s attacks to slow slightly. Quickly following this, however, a dark and cold killing intent soared out. As the eagle claw moved, it was clear that it wanted to take the live of the large man.

“Old Man Jia, wait!” Just as the human figure was about to finish off this fellow, Fa Ma’s deep cry suddenly sounded.

Hearing this, the human figure was at a momentary loss. He could only helplessly and immediately withdraw his body. His body moved in a flash and appeared beside the table while he coldly and darkly stared at Yan Li who was paralyzed as he sat on the ground.

“How ruthless.” On the roof, Xiao Yan was shocked as he watched Jia Lao who attacked without the slightest mercy. If it were not for that fellow called Yan Li reacting in a somewhat strong manner, it was likely that this Dou Ling who was about to become a Dou Wang would die in the first exchange.

“Fa Ma, it indeed is the few of you!” After throwing up a mouthful of saliva that contained fresh blood, Yan Li darkly said.

A gentle breeze swayed within the room. Immediately, the figures of Hai Bo Dong and Fa Ma appeared within it. Their gazes were icy cold as they stared at Yan Li.

“Old Man Fa, isn’t it better to just kill him directly? Why are you giving him the opportunity of respite?” Jia Lao knit his eyebrows together and said. Although he wore a linen robe and had a friendly smile, he would not give the slightest concern about the difference in level between himself and the other party who he struck. Once he attacked, he would directly take the person’s life.

Fa Ma shook his head. It was as Yan Li had said. As the deputy chairman of the Chu Yun Empire’s Alchemist Association, he had likely already prepared to be exposed when he had dared to come to the Jia Ma Empire’s capital where there were countless of strong people. Therefore, it was not likely that he had no plans to deal with it. If they were to really kill him here, they might end up landing into someone’s trap.

“Hee hee, it seems that Fa Ma still sees very far. As long as you kill me, the news of the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Association willfully killing off the competitors to manipulate who the champion of the Grand Meeting would swiftly spread throughout the few empires around the empire. When that time comes, I want to see just how long this association of yours can last.” Yan Li swayed as he stood up. He then coldly laughed, “You can choose to believe or doubt these words of mine. If you want to gamble the reputation of the Alchemist Association, you can come and try.”

“Yan Li, you had disguised your identity and participated in our Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Grand Meeting, violating the condition to participate in the Grand Meeting. According to the rules, our association has the right to punish you.” Fa Ma said faintly.

“Disguise? Ha ha, just because you said disguise, does it mean disguise?” Yan Li suddenly lifted his head and laughed loudly. He flipped his hand and three red colored medicinal pill appeared at the tip of his finger. A dark yellow colored flame rose and instantly incinerated those medicinal pills into nothingness,

“Fa Ma, with your experience, I think that you should have heard the name ‘Appearance Recovery Pill’. That’s right, it is that thing that turned me into the appearance of a youth.” Yan Li proudly laughed, “This red colored medicinal pill was specially refined by our association. It is able to let me recover my old appearance. Ten minutes later, my appearance will once again return to my youthful appearance. Now, the remaining three pills have already been destroyed by me. Do you think that there would be someone who will believe that I am the deputy chairman of the Chu Yun Empire’s Alchemist Association with that youthful appearance of mine? The people would only say that it is you, Fa Ma, quietly killed me because you were afraid of losing face when I, as a person from the Chu Yun Empire, obtained the champion position.”

Fa Ma’s expression darkened. A cold glint flashed in his turbid eyes.

Yan Li smiled coldly at the volatile expression of Fa Ma. His heart was also uneasy. The other party consisted of three Dou Huangs. With this kind of lineup, it was extremely easy if they wanted to kill him. It may be as he had said earlier, that once he died, his people would begin to create a large amount of rumors in order to achieve their aim of crushing the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Association. However, who did not fear death? Yan Li was not a hot-blooded person. If it were not for the position of the Chu Yun Empire’s Alchemist Association Chairman soon becoming vacant, and that he had quite a few strong competitors, then he would not have taken such a big risk and performed in this event where he had a great chance of losing his life in order to raise his reputation within the alchemist world of the Chu Yun Empire.

“As long as I can successfully return this time around, the position of the chairman of the Alchemist Association will definitely be mine. Without paying the price, what reward could there be? Moreover, Fa Ma’s ability may be strong, but he was too concerned about the association. Therefore, he might not take such a big risk.” Before he came, Yan Li had clearly analyzed Fa Ma’s character. However, an analysis was only an analysis. If there were any changes, then he would really be finished.

“Hu.” The volatile expression Fa Ma suddenly expressed within the room caused a pressuring atmosphere. He coldly said, “Alright. I won’t kill you now. However, it may not be so easy if you want to obtain the champion spot of the Grand Meeting!”

“Hee hee, you need not worry about this. In the Grand Meeting this time around, other than the young man called Yan Xiao, there is nothing unusual about the rest. If I cannot even contend with these people of the younger generation, how will I be able to fight for the spot of the association’s chairman?” Yan Li smiled and said as his heart quietly sighed in relief.

“Then just wait and see.” The corner of Fa Ma’s mouth moved slightly. His voice was so icy cold that it appeared to have not even the slightest warmth, “Additionally, I hope that you can successfully return to the Chu Yun Empire to fight for the position of the chairman.”

“Let’s go.” Fa Ma called out in a low voice as he waved his sleeves gently. His body turned into a black shadow under Yan Li’s ugly expression and flashed out of the room. Behind him, Hai Bo Dong and Jia Lao could only helplessly follow.

“Old fellow, you actually dared to threaten me. As long as I become the champion, my exposure will naturally be great. I don’t believe that you will dare to attack me when that time comes.” Yan Li clenched his teeth together as he darkly said. He lifted his tea cup and violently poured it into his mouth, only to realize that his hand was trembling in a manner that could not be mistaken. It appeared that the trembling was due to fear.

If he did not become the champion, the chase from three Dou Huangs would leave him with no path to escape.

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