Chapter 312: Truth

Chapter 312: Truth

Under the night sky, two shadows shot over the roofs of different houses in an agile manner. Between some of the houses were spacious streets and although it was already late at night, a great deal of people still filled the streets, making noise. Fortunately, the speed of the two human figures in midair was extremely fast. Even if one raised their head, he would merely see two black lines that flashed and disappeared.

Xiao Yan followed close behind Hai Bo Dong and the Dou Qi in his body slowly tumbled, creating waves of seemingly never ending energy for the muscles in his body. The tip of his feet gently pressed on the roof and his body quickly shot forward.

“We’re here.” After Xiao Yan followed Hai Bo Dong closely as he rushed forward for a distance, Hai Bo Dong in front of him suddenly warned.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan nodded his head. His body that was leaning forward bent down slightly. When his feet touched the ground, his palm also gently pasted onto the roof tiles, making a perfect landing. There was a slight soft sound, but other than that, there was not even the slightest crack on the fragile tiles.

Xiao Yan patted his hand and stood up. He was, however, not pleased with the way he had landed. If there was a Dou Ling class person below, it was likely that Xiao Yan would have been discovered by him because of that slight sound.

Xiao Yan raised his head and eyed Fa Ma and Jia Lao who were seated comfortably on the huge roof. Clearly, they had been here for quite a while and were currently smiling as they eyed Hai Bo Dong and Xiao Yan who were hurrying over.

After sweeping over the roof, Xiao Yan and Hai Bo Dong appeared by Fa Ma’s and Jia Lao’s side. The four pairs of eyes exchanged glances and all of them laughed quietly.

“I knew that you would follow.” Fa Ma smiled and said as he eyed Xiao Yan.

“I am also quite interested in that fellow. He has such a terrifying ability at such an age. This kind of talent can be called abnormal.” Xiao Yan sighed. If that fellow was really as old as he appeared on the surface, it was indeed quite a blow to others. Seeing the dexterous manner he displayed when refining medicine, it was likely that he should be around a tier four alchemist. A seventeen year old tier four alchemist. Xiao Yan clicked his tongue. Back then, when Gu He reached a tier four alchemist, his age was nearly thirty. Yet this person was around half his age.

If his age was true, just what kind of terrifying person would he be once he gradually grew older in the future. Tier seven? Or perhaps tier eight. This kind of level was basically sufficient to stand at the peak of the Dou Qi continent!

Even the current Xiao Yan had merely just stepped into the level of a tier three alchemist. This was only the case because of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’. When comparing the two of them, the large gap between them caused people to be stunned.

“It should not be possible.” Seeing Xiao Yan’s shocked face, Fa Ma shook his head and voiced his thoughts, “If there was really such a genius appearing within the Chu Yun Empire, there would have been an uproar long ago. It is impossible that we did not receive even the slightest news. After all, the news of such a talented seventeen year old alchemist would really be overly maddening.”

“Hey, why are you randomly guessing about that here. Let’s hurry and go investigate. If you are really uneasy, then…” Jia Lao by the side laughed faintly and his hand performed a horizontal cut. For such a strong person, he could have almost no emotional fluctuations when killing a person. Killing people to them was as if they were killing a chicken. He was in such a profound realm that Xiao Yan could not stop from smiling bitterly at.

“Ke ke, let’s go.” Fa Ma smiled and nodded without voicing any disagreement. Evidently, he had quietly admitted that this was a course of action that was not impossible. He smiled at Hai Bo Dong and Xiao Yan, and took the lead in moving his body, flashing towards a luxurious inn toward the south of the city.

As he eyed the three human figures flashing past in front of him, Xiao Yan hesitated briefly before he began to closely follow them. That fellow had not the slightest relationship with him. If the fellow was killed, then so be it. In any case, Xiao Yan did not have a good impression of that fellow. He was not some diabolical person. If others did not offend him, he would not offend others. When faced with people who had no relation to him, however, Xiao Yan could still reach the state of being indifferent.

Their quick movement this time around continued for a few minutes before it came to a stop with a waving gesture from Fa Ma at the front.

“That fellow is currently living here.” Fa Ma landed on the roof without the slightest abnormal sound. When his gaze watched Xiao Yan rushing over, he suddenly waved his sleeves and a soft force covered the point where Xiao Yan landed. This time around, the latter did not create even the slightest sound.

Xiao Yan nodded gratefully toward Fa Ma before quietly standing by Hai Bo Dong’s side. He knew that on such an occasion, he only needed to be an audience.

“Hei, this fellow seems to have made some preparations.” Jia Lao suddenly laughed coldly. At this moment, a spot some distance in front of his feet had an extremely fine black line stretched out. Xiao Yan looked over only to find that two tiny black colored bells were hung at the two ends of the black line.

“Small tricks.” A hand was waved and a ferocious force quietly floated over the air. The two black colored small bells did not even emit the slightest sound when they were shook to nothingness.

“Allow me.” Hai Bo Dong smiled. His shrivelled hand that was like rotten wood slowly extended out from his sleeves. A faint white colored fog was shrouding his hand. That icy cold air caused the surrounding temperature to instantly be reduced significantly.

As he pressed his palms gently downward, a white colored fog covered over the tile. Finally, it swiftly began spreading outward. In an instant, it shrouded the entire roof.

“Ice Mirror!” Eyeing the white colored fog that was shrouding the place, Hai Bo Dong softly cried out. The fog swiftly coagulated, finally turning into a layer of thin ice that covered the roof.

“Appear!” Hai Bo Dong once again cried out softly. Xiao Yan suddenly had a bizarre realization. This vast expanse of white, thin ice actually began to become illusionary. At one instance, a spacious room was projected on the thin ice, much like a movie being played, imprinting all the bodies within it clearly onto the ice layer.

Once he completed all this, Hai Bo Dong patted his hand. He eyed Xiao Yan’s astonished face and could not help but smile and explain, “It is just a little trick. I used the cold air to invade into the room. After which, it coalesced into ice fragments that are not easy to discover. Finally, the reflection of these ice fragments will project all that is within.”

“What a brilliant control over the ice.” Xiao Yan praised.

“It is only a little trick and only has this little effect. It isn’t worth mentioning.” Hai Bo Dong smiled as he waved his hand. Although this was what he spoke with his mouth, Hai Bo Dong did not hide the pride on his face.

With a smile, Xiao Yan threw his gaze toward the ice layer under his feet. Currently, the room was void of anyone. It was likely that the gray robed young man had yet to return.

“Let’s wait.” Once he said these words, Fa Ma sat cross-legged on the ice layer, closed his eyes and rested.

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and nodded. He could only sit down. When he touched the ice layer, he did not sense the slightest cold air. It was likely that the low temperature on the ice had already been suppressed by Hai Bo Dong. Immediately, Xiao Yan once again thought even more highly of his ability to control ice.

As Xiao Yan and the others each became quiet, the roof descended into silence. When this silence persisted for nearly half an hour, the room’s door within the ice layer suddenly moved. Hai Bo Dong, who had his eyes tightly shut, was first to sense something and opened them. He pressed his hands down at Fa Ma and Jia Lao by the side, who had also sensed something. After which, he lowered his head and stared at the ice mirror.

After the room’s door moved, a gray robed person slowly walked in. That tender young man’s face was that of the dark horse who had been the most shocking person in the Grand Meeting today.

Seeing the gray robe man who had just entered, Xiao Yan involuntarily suppressed his breathing. He did not dare make the slightest movement with his body as his eyes stared intently at the other parties’ every movement.

Once the gray robed person entered the room, he did not do any strange actions. He shut the door properly and randomly washed up before sitting cross-legged on the bed to adjust his condition.

Xiao Yan knit his eyebrows slightly at the gray robed young man’s ordinary action. He licked his lips, turned his head and eyed Hai Bo Dong’s three man group who were still quietly waiting. Xiao Yan could only continue turning his gaze downward and patiently waited.

It was the dead of night after an hour had passed. The gray robed young man, who was adjusting his condition, suddenly opened his eyes. His dark and cold gaze slowly swept across the room. After which, he descended from the bed and gently closed all of the windows in the room. Finally, his hands were placed behind his back as he raised his head and swept his gaze to every corner of the room, engaging in a detailed scan of the beams above.

Standing on the roof, Xiao Yan eyed the gray robed young man who had raised his head and scanning the beams. He could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. As one could see the interior using the ice layer, it was as though the gray robed young man was staring at their group darkly and coldly while they watched him.

However, it was fortunate that this was an illusion on Xiao Yan’s part. Those ice fragments that Hai Bo Dong had fixed up were at very covert locations. Therefore, once he had swept his gaze once around, the gray robe young man heaved a sigh of relief.

“Humph, what a crappy Grand Meeting. Once I obtain the champion position here, I will make sure that the reputation of the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Association is disgraced. Once the association loses the trust of the alchemists, it will be finished!” The gray robe young man twisted his neck and suddenly said with a cold laugh.

The gray robe young man’s hand touched his face and frowned slightly as he softly mumbled something. With a flip of his palm, a pale-red colored medicinal pill appeared in it.

Damn ‘Appearance Recovery Pill’. Although it can allow one to returned to his appearance when he was young, it merely affects the surface. Ah, if it were not for wanting to reduce the reputation of the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Association within other countries, our association would not need to spend such a great effort to refine this kind of priceless thing. Moreover, if one wanted to recover one’s previous appearance, one would continually need to eat a specific medicinal pill. This kind of consumption is too large.” The gray robed young man softly muttered. He squeezed the pale-red colored medicinal pill into his mouth. He then made a slight chewing movement before swallowing it into his body.

Not long after consuming the red colored medicinal pill, the tender face of the gray robe young man within the room suddenly began to tremble in a frightening manner. At the same time, his figure had also grew taller by quite a bit. In merely an instant, the tender young man around seventeen years old had stunned everyone as he changed into a middle aged large man with a dark and cold expression.

“Sure enough, there is something fishy with this fellow.” As he watched the scene that had occurred within the room, the eyes that he used to stare at the ice layer slowly widened.

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