Chapter 311: Surreptitious Black Robed Man (Teaser)

Chapter 311: Surreptitious Black Robed Man

Moving along the street, Xiao Yan walked straight to the inn where he was staying. The surrounding judging and worshipful eyes caused him to have a slight headache. He could not help but increase his pace, as he passed through a few streets and entered the inn. After which, he proceeded to his own room.

Xiao Yan pushed open the door, entered and closed it properly. He leaned against the door and exhaled a long breath rubbing his forehead. His face was somewhat tired. Two rounds of examination may not seem like much, but the trick that was hidden behind it troubled Xiao Yan greatly. Adding to this, the need to fight with the gray robed young man in terms of speed during the last round only increased his tiredness. Controlling the ‘Heavenly Flame’ was originally a precise job and speeding up the process further exhausted one’s spirit.

Xiao Yan shook his head and walked away from the door, further into the room. He splashed some icy water on his face to allow himself to be much more awake. After which, he walked into the inner hall and sat cross-legged on the bed. Forcing himself to resist the impulse to simply sleep, Xiao Yan closed his eyes and formed the seal for training. He did his best to calm his breath and slowly entered the training mode.

After these years of training, Xiao Yan was already clear that he was able to obtain a greater effect with less effort when he trained in a tired state. This kind of training was not very secret, but if one wanted to become a strong person, one needed to accumulate strength over time regardless of how extraordinary one’s talent was. Yao Lao had said one could only rise rapidly after one accumulated strength for a long time. This was the true path to becoming strong. Xiao Yan also deeply felt the same.

As Xiao Yan gradually entered his training mode, his slightly rising and falling chest also quietly became calm. A long while later, there was finally a tiny...

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