Chapter 310: Turning the tide, Temporary Suspension of the Grand Meeting

Chapter 310: Turning the tide, Temporary Suspension of the Grand Meeting

“Green colored flames?”

“Heavens, he actually possesses two kinds of flame?” Eyeing the green colored flame that was rising in Xiao Yan’s palm, waves of surprised noises immediately erupted from the seating stands on both sides. Although many people present were not alchemists, most of the them still knew the basic knowledge that different flames could not be merged. However, Xiao Yan in front of them had appeared to use reality to break their knowledge.

Compared to the audience on the seats around them, the alchemists on the open ground undoubtedly felt an even greater shock. As an alchemist, they had an even clearer understanding on how dangerous and incredible having two types of flame appear on one’s body was compared to anyone else. It must be known that a flame was a violent and wild thing. When two violent and wild things came into contact, the heat they released would be sufficient enough to incinerate their owner into a pile of ash.

Therefore, when they saw that Xiao Yan was actually able to once again summon out a green colored flame that was even more ferocious than the Purple Flame, shock covered all of their faces.

“Green colored flame. This fellow really still possesses a trump card.” While she eyed the green colored flame on Xiao Yan’s hand, the pretty eyes of Little Princess flickered as she muttered softly.

“This should be that ‘Heavenly Flame’ which he can control, right? How unexpected. It’s actually true.” Liu Ling said with a deep voice in his heart as he slowly inhaled the air that had become somewhat hot as a result of the appearance of the green colored flame.

“That is.” On the front stage of the VIP seats, Fa Ma was stunned as he watched the green colored flame which appeared a little elegant. A long while later, he narrowed his eyes and softly said, “That is a ‘Heavenly Flame’? This little fellow actually possessed such a thing?”

“Hee hee, didn’t I tell you not to underestimate him just now. He has so many trump cards that it would stun people.” Hai Bo Dong smiled and said while being extremely satisfied with Fa Ma’s shocked expression.

“He’s really not someone simple. At such an age, he actually possesses and has managed to tame this kind of thing that even Fa Ma and Gu He covet. He really surprises people.” The appearance of the Green Flame had similarly caused Jia Lao’s face to be astonished. As a Dou Huang, he was naturally very clear just what kind of terrifying force this kind...

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