Chapter 31: One Star Dou Zhe

Chapter 31: One Star Dou Zhe

Looking at the green-clothed girl firmly walking forward, the training field became silent as blazing gazes focused upon her figure.From the high platform, all high class clan members stopped their chatter as they also focused on the pearl of Xiao clan.

Xiao Zhan, together with the 3 elders, all had a serious face, with a hint of curiosity. They really want to know what stage the number one person of the younger generation in Xiao Clan has achieved after one year of training.


Here, all eyes zoomed intensively downwards at the girl who is walking towards the stone monument at a pace that was neither slow nor fast. She raised her small hand, revealing her snow-white skin as the sleeve is pulled back.

As her precious hand softly touched the stone monument, Xun Er gradually closes her eyes as her inner Dou Qi quickly strengthened.

Accepting the incoming Dou Qi, the ever silent monument shined out bright rays of light.

One Star Dou Zhe!

Looking at these four giant words shinning on the stone monument in the center of the training ground, for a moment everybody was silenced, then as if awakening, they all burst into cheers.

“Miss Xun Er, One Star Dou Zhe!”

Being surprised by the four shining yellow letters, the operator couldn’t help but shake his head.

“Haha... 15 years old Dou Zhe… she truly is…”

Listening to the announcement of the examiner, Xiao Zhan took a light breath but his last words became mumbled.

The 3 elders lightly nodded as their faces showed their surprise. Although there was still a slight difference with Xiao Yan’s achievement of becoming a Dou Zhe when he was 12 years old, this training speed of hers can be considered monstrous.

In the middle of the training ground, Xiao Mei who had just been admired by everyone, was also dizzied by the four shining words on the stone pillar. Staring at the monument, she felt a sense of helplessness. Only 15 years old to become a One Star Dou Zhe, that achievement blinded her who didn’t expected that prowess from Xun Er.

At the end of the crowd, Xiao Yan nervously pursed his lips. He didn’t expect Xun Er to enter the Dou Zhe zone and also reach one star, a whole tier above someone who just compressed his or her Qi cyclone. This speed of training can even be compared to him who’s using Foundation Elixir to boost his training speed.

Xun Er ignored the other people and furrowed her brow disapprovingly as if she didn’t like the attention. Then she walked back into the crowd and noticing Xiao Yan’s surprise, she smiled playfully.

“Don’t be so proud! With your talent, this achievement is within my expectation. If you didn’t reach Dou Zhe level then I would be quite surprised.” Xiao Yan shrugged and joked.

Hearing that, Xun Er’s little face became sorrowful for a moment glancing at him.

Pulling Xun Er to sit down on the mat, Xiao Yan looked bored as he observed other clan members continuing the examinations.

Honestly speaking, to train one’s Dou Qi to 7 Duan Qi before the age of 15 required decent talent to succeed. However, those with decent talent aren’t as plentiful as one may think and even within the entire Xiao Clan, only 2 to 3 tenths people make it.

As time passed, more and more people were deemed unqualified, dulling the atmosphere of the training field. Those that didn’t pass showed a long face when they were rejected but when they saw others also not pass, a slight smile would creep onto their faces.

Sitting on the ground, Xiao Yan continued to observe the examination; over a hundred of examinee but only two people were like Xiao Mei and got 8 Duan Qi and nobody achieved 9 Duan Qi let alone becoming a Dou Zhe, of course it’s with Xun Er excluded.

On the field, the number of examinees slowly dwindled and finally there were only Xiao Yan and several people left.

Soon, a bleak young examinee stood up and went up even though he knew that he had no chance of qualifying.

For the last dozen or so examinees, everybody knew that these people were at the bottom of the clan and if not for fair examinations, it was probably that these people would have been disqualified without ever testing.

“Xiao Yan!”

Standing next to the stone pillar below, the operator announced the name with difficulty.

“Xiao Yan-ge ge, it’s your turn…” Xun Er said gently, her soft small hands lightly holding Xiao Yan’s hand.

Slightly raising his head, Xiao Yan opened his eyes and scanned the training field. He couldn’t help but snicker when he saw the gazes filled with expectations of his failure!

Slowly standing up, Xiao Yan turned his head toward the high platform and grinned at Xiao Zhan.

Looking at his son coming forward while smiling toward him, Xiao Zhan cheerfully nodded his head while one hand brought a teacup forward and smoothly laid back on his chair.

Silently inhaling, Xiao Yan confidently walked toward the stone pillar; his eyes shined a strange light that made the laughing clan members widen their eyes.

Under complex gazes, Xiao Yan finally got to the black monument.

Looking at the black-clothed youth in front of him, the examiner sighed internally. That year, when Xiao Yan created a miracle, he was the first one to witness it but he was also the witness of the sad steps of the genius 3 years after that bright shine. If today’s miracle doesn’t happen, this would also be the last time this youth gets examined.

On the training ground, the intense gazes focused on Xiao Yan whose chest slowly rose as he brought his hand forward and rested it upon the cold, hard, stone pillar.

At this moment, everybody focused their gaze upon the monument. They all knew that this was the last time they would ever see the genius who once shocked all of Wu Tan City in a Dou Qi examination.

The stone monument went silent for a moment before bright light blazed out!

Upon the stone monument were bright yellow words, making all the hearts in the field stop for a moment.

“Dou Zi Li...7 Duan!”


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