Chapter 309: The Source of The Problem

Chapter 309: The Source of The Problem

On the huge square, most of the alchemists were joyful once they inspected the formula and immediately lit their Dou Qi flames and began preparing measures to refine the pills.

Of course, among so many alchemists, there were naturally some cautious ones who upon looking at the simple test were surprised and hesitated. But upon discovering nothing wrong, they could only helplessly shake their heads, and light their fires...

Xiao Yan firmly observed the rising purple flames in the cauldron. After the temperature of the flame had reached a sufficient temperature, he slowly began to throw in the medicinal ingredients one by one. His pupils constricted as he slowly began to refine.

Right after Xiao Yan began refining, Liu Ling and the Little Princess on his sides, slightly frowned, and also started refining. They had the orthodox formula, and with their capabilities, as long as they were careful, refining should not be too difficult. That is, unless they suffered a stroke of extremely bad luck. After all, no matter what, it was impossible to have a success rate of 100% when it came to refining.

As the refining of the medicine once again began, the noise from the two seating galleries at the sides also gradually decreased. Numerous gazes swept over the alchemists...

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