Chapter 307: Test, The Mysterious Man in The Gray Robe.

Chapter 307: Test, The Mysterious Man in The Gray Robe.

Xiao Yan's face was calm as he looked at the pill shooting out of the cauldron. His palm released a suction force which pulled it into his palm.

The instant the pill entered his hand, the little remaining sand finally fell down. On the big open ground, hundreds of red lights, behind those alchemists who had still not finished refining the pill, lit up.

Disappointedly looking at the flashing red light, those alchemists smiled bitterly and took back their respective cauldrons, their faces were dispirited as they exited the square.

Standing behind the green table, Xiao Yan looked at the contestants withdraw one after another. His eyes looked around, somewhat startled at his discovery. This was just the first round of assessments and yet unexpectedly one-third of the participants had been eliminated. He let out a sigh as he thought about the strictness and the harshness of the Grand Meeting.

Playing with the pill in his hand, Xiao Yan turned his head to the nearby Liu Ling. This fellow was throwing a smile at the pill in his hand, his whole face full of a proud color. He looked at Xiao Yan, his pill steadily grasped in his hand, and said with a smile, "Mr. Yan Xiao, ah you truly have good luck. Unexpectedly you managed to refine the pill at the last moment.... You had the best score for the internal test, so if you failed to pass even this round, it would have been a big joke.”

Shooting a look at Liu Ling's triumphant appearance, Xiao Yan faintly smiled and said, "In any case, one would be considered to have passed as long as this is refined. Whether it is finished in the first moment or the last makes no difference at all...."

"Mr. Yan Xiao seems to be deceiving himself and others. In this Grand Meeting, attended by innumerable outstanding Alchemists, refining with the fastest speed in an undeniable skill." Liu Ling laughed. He was naturally unwilling to let Xiao Yan diminish his achievements.

“Ha-ha, perhaps..." Xiao Yan shrugged as he no longer wasted his words on Liu Ling. He turned his head toward the Little Princess and smiled. Looking up at the VIP seats, he saw Fa Ma, waiting for his turn to speak.


In the VIP seats, Ao Tuo heavily exhaled. He...

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